I am occassionally asked for links on this site and such requests are welcome from relevant sites of a fly fishing, fly tying, tackle or related sites.

I do not expect “reciprocal links” but I will link to sites I consider worthwhile of a visit whether for the information or content they contain, as a recommended supplier or as a resource for fishing research.

If you wish to link to this site feel free to do so either in text or using one of the banners I will add here from time to time.

You can use textual material from this site if you wish, though it would be good manners to state where you lifted it from as well as provide a relevant link back either to the original page the material came from or indeed the site homepage. If an article is marked otherwise- i.e. no copying then that rule overrides the general free for all for content! You can use my RSS feeds on my homepage on your site, freely and also can subscribe to my post either as they happen or by weekly digest. Your email address is not shared with other sites and I won’t be spamming you with offers etc etc!.

If you want to use images from the site again thats OK, but please state where you got the image and a link to the site. I would appreciate a wee email stating your use but won’t hold you to this! This is the big, bad, wild internet and there “ain’t no sheriff in town!”

When linking to this site the best links to provide are in relevant content, so rather than simply having a link on a page or list of links (which is still welcome) if you link here using relevant text such as this below, it works far better in sites like Google or Bing. Though I list sites on my sidebar I think visitors might be interested in if you search the content of this site you will find I have usually linked inside the text of my content using favourable working.

An example would be

“I found a great article on Czech nymphing for Grayling on a website called the unfamousfly


The Unfamous Fly

The Unfamous Fly basic banner 1