Forty Plus linesI bought myself a couple of Airflo 40+ fly lines for a couple of large still water outings. I felt they might get me a few extra yards- and I was after a fast sinking line anyway so might as well get a floater- my most used line, too.

I managed to pick up 2 of these for £60 at Angling Active  which is about as good a deal as anywhere. I was after a di5 sinker but they only had a di3 or a di7 so I settled on the WF7Sdi7. I would rather have faster than slower.

40+ Floater

First off the floater. The head is much “fatter” than any other fly line I own and I am a  bit of a cheap skate when it comes to reels, so I use a 5/6 rated reel for everything other than my river fishing where I use a Hardy LRH with an Airflo WF 4# fitted.

In all cases I have come across so far the 5/6 rated reel spools take enough backing and line to meet my needs. Maybe its fate to say it, but I have never seen the backing on any of my flylines yet- even with the two fish around 8lb I had last year I never came near to requiring the backing. I have to admit one of the fish at Linlithgow nearly had the backing out on one run but that was on a 6# slow glass intermediate line and I had tons in reserve for that!

So coming back to the line, the head is so fat that I did have a struggle getting very much backing on the reel behind it. The line does appear to have a lot of very thin running line behind the head.

Casting I find is great, I would not at this point in time like to state how much more distance I am able to cast, I am probably gaining a few yards- I have yet to go up the field and do a scientific test against where I know I can cast to over a measured distance. However I am having fewer issues with tailing loops and I can really feel the line exercising the flex inthe HM3 6/7 weight rod I use it with. Its the first line I have had that really feels like its loading the rod properly, as a result casting seems a lot less effort to any distance. It  shoots through beautifully and I am seeing good turnover especially with heavier flies which can be a pain to turn over at a distance. So far very impressed, recently on another outing I was turning over large dries with a NZ style pair of buzzers under it and it worked well casting across and even slightly int a gusty wind. Does it live up to its 40+ name- ie. casting 40 yards? For me it does not but thats not a criticism of the line, I don’t think I can cast anywhere near that distance but an angler with good technique I think would easily fire all the line out. I need to get some lessons! It does give me a little more range which was my reason for buying. I am not disappointed- and would recommend it.

The 40+ Di7

This really is the express train to the bottom, its the total opposite of the floater, the head is very thin and the running line thinner still, it hits the water and its gone from sight. I gave it a go at North Third over the very deep section behind the Dam wall and was getting right down no problem, it casts beautifully and I do feel there is sinificant extra distance in using this line. Distance is important with sinking lines as if you think about it, once the line is sunk its at best at a 45 degree angle to your original cast, that means the radial distance from yourself to the line end is shorter (looking straight down on the angler), the further you cast will have a significant difference on the number of deep lying fish you are able to cover.

If you fancy one of these Stirling Angling Centre are doing a deal of buy two for under £60. Fishtec are running a similar promotion however be careful on the Fishtec site as they are also selling other 40+ lines at a cheaper price, look carefully and you will see these are the old pre 2011 variant of these line which while probably perfectly fine, did apparently suffer from a “hinge” effect where the head met the running line and the 2011 version resolves this. Make sure you pick up the 2011 models!

If you are interested in the older range, this is a link to the pre 2011 forty plus lines which are going cheap on Fishtec but I have no experience of them so cannot comment on their performance!