Just Go Do It!

It is my birthday. I ALWAYS go fishing on my birthday, it has become something of a tradition for me. Ideally, I would go fish a river but that isn’t always going to happen with the vagaries of winter weather and this weeks deluge of snow and now rain and high winds was no exception. To be honest I thought it was going to be blown out altogether literally and metaphorically. I have some work to get done around my house and it has been a nightmare to get to the stage that finally it’s ready to happen. The guy doing the work called early Tuesday and said he would be here Wednesday. ( The work is outside) I mentioned the weather forecast looked grim but he was insistent he was coming. Fair enough, but that basically meant I was tied to the house for the day. After a wild Tuesday ( weather wise), and a stormy night with a ton of rain,  when I had a call he wasn’t coming this morning I wasn’t surprised ( though it was due to a vehicle issue rather than what I imagined) and was now looking to Thursday I thought maybe I had my chance to get out. But that wind was strong. I could have held off, but what if I end up tied to the house Thursday and then that gets postponed and then Friday.

I loitered for an hour or so after breakfast- there were presents to open after all 🙂 and seeing the wind was gusty rather than constant I thought, I could maybe chance a short two hours in some sheltered spot at Swanswater, as it is usually fishable in most windy conditions being relatively low lying. Just go do it!

First Rainbow looked stunned

I reckon that’s a look of shock ” there isn’t meant to be anyone here today! Are you mental?”

So off I went and I was the only person there, except for Alastair the owner. The main loch I think was pretty wild so I opted to stick to the wee ponds. I would give each an hour and see how things panned out. On the Meadow Pond, the water was murky but you could see my two fly team of black and green-tailed spider on top dropper, and the Hot Head cat on point as they got close, so it wasn’t like soup, “milky baby tea” maybe an apt description. Second cast a pull. Fourth cast another tentative pull. I varied the retrieve from slow to fast, allowing the flies to sink on the slow intermediate line and after about 10 mins while mucking the fish around going from slow to fast and back I had a good take and after a lengthy fight a nice Rainbow getting on for 3lb came to the net, on the Hothead Cat.

After another 10-15 minutes, a smaller Goldie was in the net and released too. There were a few more plucks but then it went quiet. The conditions were not that bad, OK a strong wind was ever present but it was gusty and you could time your casts between the blasts and as long as you weren’t too ambitious with the distance it was perfectly fishable. Yeah, I did get caught in trees and on branches a few times but then what’s new!


A sunny spell

Between the down pours the sun momentarily came out- not for long though

As it had gone a bit quiet I moved round to the top of the pond and though the wind was a wee bit trickier here, I managed 10 minutes and had two or three more pull that never converted to fish. After the hour I moved to the Mill Pond.


This was much murkier, I couldn’t see my flies in the water here, and in the 35 minutes through two deluges of rain and a strengthening wind, I never had so much as a knock. I changed to a pair of black flies ( lures really). A Big black Nomad and a black Blob on the dropper ( I was going to use a Bushie Bibio, always a good attractor at Swanswater), but had left my box of bushy wets in the house- duh!).

Third fish netted

About to net the third fish in two hours.

After half an hour I decided it wasn’t happening here, and went back to the top pond. Right away another pull and after more varying retrieves another fish was on, another nice rainbow. Immediately it was returned, I had another pull on my next cast but that was the end of the activity and it seemed to go slow, the water had fairly clouded up here too with the heavy rain and my two hours was up.

Last fish netted at Swanswater

Last fish netted

Still, I got out, I wonder if there were many others out fishing in Scotland at all today, probably very few, and I had some success, in two hours so keeping the tradition alive.