Yes! Yet another DVD in the Fish On Productions River Academy series, once again featuring the familiar teacher/pupil type scenario of John Tyzack in the role as guide and Dean Andrews as the eager pupil. If I was asked, and I have no direct knowledge of this other than reading the copyright notice on the back of the package saying 2008, but I would suspect this was maybe one of their earlier productions in the series as the somewhat “acted” early sequences of Dean discussing the plan for the day with John did, I have to say make me cringe a bit.

Early Season Trout Fishing DVD

River Academy Early Season Trout Fishing

The DVD seems to be set on the River Wharfe in the Yorkshire Dales in early season ( as the DVD suggests from the name) but also the tree’s are bare and the light is rather flat ( something I feel could have been addressed in post production with something to add a bit life to the colour for the viewer).

While I did get a lot from the DVD in terms of how to fish North country spider type wet flies, not something I have much experience with nor have had any tuition in, I did find the DVD overall a bit less interesting than the others in the series. In fact I have to admit on first watching on Christmas Day ( I received it as a Christmas present) I actually dozed off half way through the main “chapter”!

There are a few useful hints and tips and stuff I will definitely be able to try more confidently having seen this video, but aside as a reference, its not a film I can see myself picking up and watching just for the sake of it. It doesn’t have the visual appeal or  excitement of what I would regard the best films in the series, Grayling Through the Year or The Complete Mayfly.

The fly tying at the end was somewhat ambitious, tying three wet spiders and a dry referred to as a JT Olive though I have tied dozens of flies similar to this without giving them a specific name, basically a finely mole skin dubbed fly with a CDC wing. Maybe mines should be an Unfamous Olive!

Worth getting to complete your set perhaps or if like me you have specific technical queries around early season fishing but otherwise a little disappointing. Average