French Nymphing and Related Long Leader Techniques.

Another Fish On Production with John Tyzack and Dean ( Deano) Andrews.

The DVD is filmed on the River Clyde and a Clyde Tributary, and also on the Derbyshire Wye.

French Nymph Long Leader techniques

The DVD French Nymphing and related long leader techniques

If you have zero knowledge of using French Leaders or long Czech Nymph leaders then this video will be of some use showing as it does various strategies for the application of French Leaders and how you can fish them either fishing nymphs or also more unusually Dry Flies. A word of advice is start by watching DVD 2 first then watch the “fish porn” in DVD 1. DVD 2 contains what I consider to be the essential elements that are mostly missing from the live scenarios in DVD 1. While JT does cover what I will refer to as tippet set up, its titled “Leader set up” in the disc 2 menu and does not cover how to make or choose a suitable French Leader. They only make passing reference to French Leader choice which I feel is a bit of an oversight as there are different types for different purposes and making your own too is not out the question. Maybe they want to be guarded on this info as Fish On produce their own French Leaders that they sell.
The fly tying as ever is useful if you tie your own and shows very clearly how to make some useful bugs for nymphing.

DVD1 is what most viewers will set to play first and as I say its a wee bit of a shame as they might find themselves a bit baffled by the set ups being used for a good 50% of this section until you get some good views of the indicator and the methods being employed.

The first third of DVD 1 is a 20 odd minute segment filmed on the Upper Clyde and in the main at range so it was very difficult to see what was being done. The Clyde fishing sequences were rather lengthy and seemed to be filming a couple of mates out fishing which while entertaining and providing a healthy dose of “fish porn”, wasn’t hugely informative. At one stage JT comments on the indicator but its never described or shown to the viewer, but they were obviously using one of some form.

Yes, there was some cool fishing none more so when JT winkles a huge Brown Trout out of the Clyde but there was not that much emphasis placed on what the set up used was, and how he was fishing it. The sequence too for me would have benefitted from some judicious editing as the entire fight with this belter of a trout was about 7 minutes long. Its OK the first time you see it but for repeat viewing its definitely fast forward material.

Its not until the second section on a Clyde tributary that you get a look at the indicator being used and see it in action. This is down to them fishing on an overhung section where there is enough contrast in the light to actually see. Still there is little mention of leader set up and what they are targetting.

When they move onto the Wye section it’s as if they realised themselves they weren’t covering the leader at all, and a brief mention of the leader being used  and its main characteristics. This final session they cover the techniques being used conversationally much more than in the earlier sequences. The final section, for me anyway was more like I expect from this type of instructional DVD.

Much as I like the Clyde and the sections fished undoubtedly home some big trout, I feel it was a poor choice for the DVD as the camera was set far too far away and the light does not allow the viewer to really see anything- just two guys fishing.

For me I would have liked the video to have showed some information on Leader Construction for the different methods. All long leaders are not the same, some have a sharp taper, some a fairly shallow taper and some none at all, and it all depends on the method being fished and of course the rod in use and to many extents personal preference. Then on top of that there is the subject of indicators, for the Czech Nymph methods an inline indicator either added to the French Leader or integrated with it is common, however for more conventional nymphing often spiral indicators are popular or indeed “purists” might use no indicator at all, then you could fish NZ style also with an dry fly over a nymph. None of this was really explained.

Not a bad effort, filming was a bit too far away at times I felt and some of the lengthier fishing sequences could have been dropped for more emphasis on French Leader construction. Quite pricey I feel even if it is a double DVD so if you fancy buying it, watch for some of Fish Ons occassional offers of money off. Good