Hywel Morgan 4 Seasons Stillwater Bank Fishing DVD is a double disc release featuring tactics and methods of fly fishing for trout the year round, on small stillwaters. The seasons are each represented by an outing on a different still water, Llandegfedd ( Spring ), Garnffrwd Trout Fishery ( Summer), Draycote Reservoir (Autumn)  and Avon Springs Trout Fishery ( Winter).

Hywel Morgan 4 Seasons Stillwater Bank Fishing DVD

Hywel Morgan 4 Seasons Stillwater Bank Fishing DVD

In terms of content you get your money’s worth with fishing technique, casting, flies and fly tying all covered. The subject matter has undoubtedly been covered in parts in other DVD’s Hywel has done but in the context of bringing the seasonal variations and appropriate techniques for each into the equation it is a new approach for Hywel and the Bearleft Team ( I wonder who had this idea as its a great one). As well as the well filmed “episodes” and the useful voice overs, they have also incorporated some handy diagramatic animations to explain the techniques in use which helps a lot.

I think what comes across most is the enthusiasm Hywel has for the sport and his exuberant interludes where he hooks another Rainbow are conveyed fully to the viewer. Why would you not want to come fly fishing after watching this!?

Hywel demonstrates many of the flies used in the seasonal episodes, tying them on the bank during breaks or lulls. I can’t help feeling he sometimes is thinking,” this would be easier done indoors!”, but he manages an admirable¬† job while the wind sometimes blows around him!

All in all the DVD makes entertaining, informative and enjoyable viewing even if you may know some or much of the information contained. For myself, while hardly considering myself an expert, but with a year or two’s regular fishing under my belt,¬† there were some small points that I would have to admit to having been afraid to have tried for fear of maybe appearing a bit green that I will definitely give a go on my outings this year.

Worth picking up from your angling store, purchase via Hywel’s eshop or Amazon: [amazon_link id=”B006VDGNWO” target=”_blank” ]Hywel Morgan 4 Seasons Stillwater Bank Fishing [2012][/amazon_link]

And its nice to see I am not the only one thats dropped the odd fish while admiring my catch!