Millhall fishery is an 11 acre reservoir based trout fishery near Polmont. In my experience its not a place I hear mentioned often however its a cracking wee clear water fishery and well worth a visit.

Panoramic view of Millhall fishery

Panoramic view of the entire Millhall fishery from the dam wall

Finding Millhall Fishery:

Millhall is very easy to find, lying as it does directly between the M9 motorway and Grangemouth oil refinery. In fact when you are there its kind of hard to believe you have these either side of you as its such a tranquil spot.

Millhall fishery car park

The ample parking at millhall

Access road: Very good.However it is quite narrow and twisty and as its a public right of way drive very slowly as there may be people, dogs or horses around any bend.

Public Transport: I don’t know for 100% but as its on the road between Old Polmont and Polmont I would be surprised if there isn’t a bus route on the main road. This would still leave a reasonable walk to the fishery but nothing too bad if you didn’t have too much to carry.

Contact: 01324 714190/Mobile 07410 695375

Species: Rainbow trout

Other Species: Unknown


Lodge at Millhall

The fishery lodge at millhall

The fishery is operated by a club, Avonbank Fishing Club but is open from early March to late October. It is a stocked fishery primarily with Rainbow trout, and has a surface area of about 11 acres. Stocking’s are twice weekly throughout the season on Mondays and Fridays. I am told stocking goes ahead whether there has been a large take from the loch or not, so it could be fairly densely populated at times. It has gin clear water quite unusual for Scotland, and there are lush beds of weed in the margins which provide ideal feeding habitat for trout. The Reservoir I believe is around 27 feet deep in the middle. Boats are available though it looks to me like they are set up to be moored on the various mooring buoys out on the loch, as drifting space would be quite limited. The loch has perfectly manicured banks, and is very neat and tidy with well maintained casting platforms all the way round. It blends right into the adjacent golf course. Even casting from the dam wall is easy as the platforms have been well sited to allow for the back cast over the dam. Always be aware of pedestrians and walkers behind you when fishing though. Despite being right between the refinery and motorway you would think you were in the middle of the country though the give away is the 400,000volt overhead power pylons running to Grangemouth nearby.

Facilities: Tea and coffee and snacks  in the lodge and I think a small selection of light tackle like nylon and flies may be available. The Fishery has a small pool of boats including I think a wheely boat for the disabled angler. The fishery keeper was always out and about tidying up and was very friendly.

Personal Opinions:

View of Millhall

View along dam wall towards lodge at Millhall fishery

The only negative things I can think to say about Millhall is, the website is a bit rubbish and it could be claimed its a little featureless, but this is true of many former reservoirs. Beyond this its a lovely wee spot, with very clear water, and is an exceptionally clean and tidy locations. indeed the fishery keeper seemed to always be doing something when I was there and it really shows in the surroundings. I have probably driven past this place a 1000 times and never realised it was here. The fish I caught were all in pristine condition and of very high quality.

Value for money:  Very good, nice surroundings, top quality fish, only £14 for a 4 hour ticket ( in fact I think it would have been the same for a 5and a half hour ticket as the evening session when I was there officially started at 16:30 to 22:00.

Catch and Release Policy: Very Good Very good, you can have a sporting ticket or revert to C&R once a bag limit is reached but barbless or debarbed flies must be used.

Website: GoodA very dated looking site though it seems to be reasonably up to date with information. Could do with a bit modernisation and the tariffs and times informations could do with a bit clarifying, I couldn’t work out when an evening session started or the right prices for the same. Its says a half day ticket is 4 hours but on arrival an evening session seems to start at 16:30 to 22:00.

Overall: Very GoodI have to say , having only been once so far but I thoroughly enjoyed it, the fish provided lots of sport, the location is very tranquil, the staff very friendly, the water gin clear and the prices good.