River Fishing

My local area is not over endowed with famous Trout Fishing Rivers. Locally we have the River Carron and Devon as well as the Teith and Forth.
The River Forth is limited to small sections near the City of Stirling, where it tends to be tidal, and is mainly for Salmon and Sea trout. The Teith has good quality Salmon and Sea Trout Fishing but there seem to be few public sections, some beats are for the very rich only!
It looks a cracking river though.
This season anyway I will limit my main fishing in rivers to the

  • River Carron
  • River Clyde
  • River Annan

With occasional forays to

  • Upper River Tweed near Peebles
  • River Tummel



  1. Darren Spence
    March 28, 2015 @ 20:38

    me n my friend hav been up the river carron and covered a good majority of the river and there wiz no fish moving let alone biting or gettin caught and not 1 person we had spoke to on the water had nothing aswell as for today was a joke aswell…are you people sure its the right carron yous are so called stocking to gd standards etc ….there’s more chnace of finding Nemo than gettin a bite the now at the carron only bite your garunteed is a midgey bite coz certainly no fish are biting


    • unfamous
      March 29, 2015 @ 12:48

      Darren, personally I would prefer they didn’t stock it at all, and let the wild trout populate the river, however I also recognise that it’s technically a river in recovery and probably needs some help. If you want fishing where you can easily catch fish, maybe you should stick to a commercial trout fishery. I look at fishing as a challenge and while we all like to catch something once in a while, drawing a blank isn’t the end of the world. I am pretty sure the level of stocking’s not to blame for your inability to catch. For whatever reason the fish haven’t switched on yet. That will change.


  2. Darren Spence
    March 29, 2015 @ 13:06

    U have picked me up wrong a love a challenge i dnt like fisheries to be honest but how can i hav challenge when theres no fish moving or bein caught i’m not a day permit this is my 2nd year running av bought season permit me n my friends so do you not think we should have been been givin good guidance to tht river rather than hit with aw the patter of bull…weres the money gne then if the permit money is ment for restocking ????


    • unfamous
      March 29, 2015 @ 15:48

      I am neither a member of the committee nor spokesperson of the club. I have no knowledge of what stocking has been carried out this year. If you have such an enquiry I suggest you address them to the secretary of LASAC and I am sure she ( Stella ) will be happy to help. I am not aware of any “patter of bull” so have no idea to what you refer. Money can’t make fish move, or impale them on your hook. Just because the fish aren’t moving or visible doesn’t mean they are not there.


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