The River Carron is a relatively short river, which is sourced in the Touch Hills at the Earlsburn Reservoirs with various small burns joining along its route,and flows down through the Carron Valley past, Dunipace, Denny, Larbert, Falkirk and out to the sea at Grangemouth. Its very much a river in recovery after years of industrial pollution especially around Falkirk where various industries seen the river as  a useful dumping ground for their toxic waste. The river has cleaned up considerably since those bad old days that were as recent as the late 80’s. I recll working on a job at Carron Phoenix and the river looked pretty rancid then. It also takes water in from the Carron Valley Reservoir which is probably more accurately to be considered the direction of the true source of the river prior to the flooding of the valley in the earlier half of the 20th Century.


There are plenty places to get access to the river- some immediately beside the water others are a bit of a traipse across fields ( remember to stick to the verges and avoid crops and close gates behind you!

This handy map shows most of the places I know of to get parked- some are very much use at your own risk. None should be regarded as recommendations official or otherwise.