River Devon

I have purchased a permit this season for the River Devon, its not expensive and covers this small river from the Menstrie/Tullibody bridge right up to the Castlehill Reservoir above Muckhart. Permits are available at Stirling Angling Centre amongst other retailers that can be found on the Devon Angling Association website. Two season permits are available, a Brown Trout permit, and a Salmon/Sea trout permit (that also allows for Brown Trout fishing). Sea Trout and Salmon fishing is limited to the lower river up to 1/3 of a Mile below Cauldron Linn between Vicars Bridge and Rumbling Bridge.

2011 prices for a brown trout season permit is only £17.

As the permit comes with a  hand drawn not to scale map I have put a Google map together showing the main points marked on the beat maps. Its not exact in all places as I am not that familiar with the river yet so some points are approximate- check when you are on the ground.

Check out the River Devon Angling Association website for more detail.

View River Devon in a larger map


  1. Merv Gough
    January 27, 2014 @ 21:42

    Hi Kenny,
    Have followed your posts for some time and wanted to ask some advice on the River Devon. I’ve been fishing Tenkara for the last couple of years and am keen to give the Devon a go this year. I live in Stirling and wanted to ask if you know of any decent sections of the Devon suited to Tenkara.
    Grateful for any help,


    • unfamous
      January 27, 2014 @ 22:47

      I would have to say anywhere upstream of Tillicoultry should be fine. I don’t think anywhere is really off limits but the lower end of the river is pretty slow and silty so in my limited experience seems to be frequented by bait anglers. There are decent fish there though, I did see a guy pull a fish well over 2lb out on a worm one day. There are a few runs it would be a bit deep to wade but you don’t always need to, Tenkara should be pretty good on the Devon as a method as there are a lot of overhanging trees in places so you can’t really employ a longer line too easily. Tates Tomb and Vicars Bridge would all be good. Further up too I think though a lot of the higher sections have been off limits this last few years since the pollution incident. Around Fossoway it would be perfect but its not been accessible for a while- I don’t know when they intend to open it up again. I have to say while I have given Tenkara a go a couple of times I have tended to use it only on small Burns where I think its a perfect method. Great fun to fish dry, wet or nymphs, whether you fish the traditional Sekasa Kebari style flies is up to you, don’t feel obliged to. I would be a bit worried about catching anything sizeable without a reel! Having said that I have personally only caught very small wild fish (which Tenkara is ideal for) on the Devon.


  2. Merv Gough
    January 28, 2014 @ 22:48

    Hi Kenny, many thanks for the advice, I’ll give the locations you recommend a go, may even take a few walks up that way in advance of the season starting. I’ve tried the traditional Sekasa Kebari along with dry’s, nymphs and klinkhammers etc and they all work pretty effectively on their given day. Looking forward to another year on the river 😉


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