Scierra HMT fly lines

I have two of these, one is a WF5 floating HMT Loading zone line the other a “ conventional” HMT WF7 line. i.e. no Loading Zone. HMT stands for Hywel Morgan Taper.

HMT Loading Zone Line

The Loading zone line has a coloured section at the back of the taper that allows you to gauge when the optimal length of line is in the rod tip for best casting.

I picked up one of these cheaply through Stirling Angling Centre as an “end of line” offer (pardon the pun!).

I got it on their suggestion due to the casting issues I was having with the heavier 7# line in my Dicksons 5/7# rod.

I have to say its been an impressive change. In general the rod puts this line out a lot better than it does a 7# line and it casts much better with it. I get a lot less tailing loop and tangle issues with it.

I do still find it can be quite hard to back cast into a strong wind with it- but this might be as much due to technique  or the softer rod action. But it has definitely aided my casting distance with this rod and in dry fly fishing it’s a noticeable improvement in presentation. I think I would say I am not casting much further- maybe a yard or two but to achieve this it takes less force through the rod so is less likely to tail.

Scierra HMT  Line

The HMT WF7 though I have to say has been a different animal. Its not a LZ model so its not got the coloured loading zone behind the back taper.

That’s easily rectified with a permanent marker and is in fact what I have done.

I bought the HMT WF7 for use with my Scierra HM3 rod as I felt it would be a good match. Again I picked this up cheaply via ebay as an end of line offer.

Casting wise it’s OK- not a revelation but it does cast fine, however what I am really starting to dislike with this line is its feel. It almost feels like it has a rough finish  and you can almost hear the abrasion when running through the rod guides. It has also got a bit of memory and does not seem to come out the rod- clean and straight- tending to have a lot of little kinks and twists in it.

Now it might be that because I have done a lot of winter fishing that I am being a little harsh here-  maybe if the air was warmer and the water warmer it will straighten it out a bit- soften it up- we will have to see. The slightly rough finish is most annoying though, especially if the water has any sediment in it at all, the line just seems to pick it all up and you can feel the grit on your fingers. I hate to think what its doing to the line guides! I will persevere with it into the warner weather but I might try the Pitsford Pirates 6 weight floating  line in its place and see how it compares.

Early Spring Update: I have been using the HMT WF7 line a bit recently on the club water and I am now pretty certain that temperature has a lot to do with its performance. In the slighly milder conditions we have had recently the line memory is no where near as bad and it shoots out quite nicely. I still don’t like the feel of the coating though – it has a slightly rough feel to it. I quite like the look of the new 2011 Airflo 40Plus lines and might look to getting one both to increase my distance casting and have something a bit more supple. It will do for now though.