I am no expert on tackle, but like many other anglers I have opinions based on simply using the items in my tackle box or items of fishing wear.

So I will be placing any information of this nature in this section. Again I hope you find it useful and unbiassed. You won’t necessarily agree with me at all times but I will simply tell it like I see it.

Also where possible I may include a link or two to online vendors who may supply the item discussed. Please note I have no affiliation to any tackle vendors or manufacturers though I will only link to suppliers I know to be reliable from personal experience.

Items I will be commenting on soon:

  • Hardy EWS2 3/4 length jacket
  • Kiyotaki Tenkara Rod
  • Minn Kota C2 Electric Outboard
  • Airflo Deluxe boat seat

As you can see from the list above my kit reviews for many of these items are now live. I hope you find these reviews useful, they are real world opinions of a typical angler with normal useage patterns and while I don’t have a lot to compare these items to over a long period, hopefully they give you a flavour of my thoughts. If I encounter issues with my tackle items reviewed I will of course post the updates on the relevant pages.

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