Guideline Thermo-Fleece B&B

Guideline Thermo-Fleece B&B

There is nothing worse than being cold- other than being wet and cold.

Guideline Thermofleece

Guideline Thermofleece

I have a pair of Simms breathable waders which while lightweight and so far- well made, have no insulating properties of their own. In summer they will be fine with a couple of layers below but in winter some would say neoprene waders would be the way to go. Well thats fine but I only want to buy one pair and get the best use of them.

As a trained Scuba diver I have dived in the coldest of Scottish waters in the depths of winter and I realise its not really a problem provided you are dressed appropriately. Many divers dive in very thin “membrane” suits- something akin to a pair of breathables but with a neck seal. The term Dry bag diving is sometimes used- as these fairly shapeless garments have no insulation to speak of. The wearer gets heat from wearing a decent undersuit and their own clothing below. Breathability is not really a concern in diving as its a sealed suit- so they are prone to getting  a little damp and clammy.

I was looking for someting akin to a Thinsulate undersuit for my brethables but its not something you seem to be able to buy. I use the Hardy EWS technical underwear system as a base layer and usually a couple of layers of clothing on top of this- keeping to synthetics where I can, but even like this was feeling the cold if standing around.

I decided to go for a fleece undersuit- a Bib and Brace style and went for this Guideline B&B and have to say I have not been disappointed. Its brilliant.

I bought mine in a Large size- a medium fitted but I figured allow a bit space for having a lot of layers on.

My midwinter clothing has been:

EWS base bottoms
Cheapo old Jogging Bottoms
Combat trousers
Guideline B&B

I usually wear a pair of thick socks and a pair of Wader socks over this but even then was getting cold feet after an hour so this week wore two pairs of thick socks and I was toasty![ad code=3 align=center]

On top:

EWS base layer
T Shirt
Craghoppers Technical Shirt
A medium pile fleece
Guideline B&B

Over this are my waders obviously and a Simms wading Jacket

Works for me!. The Guideline B&B have conveniently adjustable shoulder straps, a two way zip- handy when the running water has you busting ( 😉 ) and foot stirrups to stop them pulling up when donning the waders. They are flexible and allow free movement and I am really taken by them

Highly recommended:

Purchase from

Glasgow Angling Centre

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