I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this particular item of tackle.


Snowbee Cap mounted magnifiers

I find now as an aging angler in my 6th decade of life, that my eyes are starting to deteriorate. I take this badly, I have had pretty well perfect eyesight my whole life and even now when I go for an eye test the optician tells me my eyesight is better than it has any right to be for my age. However being that I have had good eyes, I guess I am taking it worse as I find I can’t see close up things. As we age our lenses harden and the little muscles that flex them to force focus on close range or small items are unable to continue that flexing and you lose the close range vision. Usually this requires reading glasses. I have a very mild prescription which I wear when I really feel the need but they are no good for the task of tying on a size 18 fly to a fine tippet  in dusk in summer. For that I need magnifiers, and as time wear on I need the magnifiers for more and more tasks, a size 12 in normal daylight is now becoming a chore.

I was introduced to the Snowbee Cap magnifiers by a fishing friend and they are great on the river, making that tiny fly in low light much less of a chore and keeping me fishing longer. They tuck up neatly under the brim of my cap and I don’t even need to remember to lift them as they just stay clipped on the hat. They provide about 2.5x magnification and they save the muching round while you remove your sunglasses, take out your reading glasses, assuming you remembered them, and  then reversing this process when done.

But now the downside. In two seasons I have been through 3 pairs, all because the same bit on the magnifiers, the plastic clip that actually mounts them to the hat peak cracks at the tip pf the peak. This latest pair were only a matter of weeks old. my hat fell on the floor lying in the kitchen and the clip fractured at this point. Previous pairs have merly packed in at this same point in maybe after 6-7 months use. I think probably in these cases the plastic deteriorates with UV absorption. I don’t really understand why this clip is actually plastic, why not a little clip of spring steel, coated in varnish or lacquer to prevent corossion, or even spring stainless. I can’t believe it’s not possible. Maybe though it is a rather healthy profit line for Snowbee, with so many being replaced. I notice the local angling shop often has sold out of them. It will be through gritted teeth I buy pair number four.