Wychwood Dry Drop Wader Bag

Wychwood Drop Dry Wader Bag- made to last

I bought one of these bags to make transporting and storing my breathable waders easier, and I have to say the bag has been one of the best purchases of fishing tackle I have made so far. If you have a pair of breathable fishing waders and a pair of wading boots, you HAVE to get one of these.

On the outside the bag has a pouch for storing wet wading boots. The main section has two clip to lock, integral hangers, which allow waders to be hung from the shoulder straps and is closed via an end to end zip. Its made of a rubberized mesh material which allows the wet waders to drip and air dry.

There are four mesh accessory pockets and two, zip to close dry pockets in the top half of the bag, I use these for storing my wading belt and my thick wooly socks I wear under my waders.

Finally when its open there is a neoprene mat to stand on, while stepping in and out of the gear, which is brilliant when all you have is muddy ground or wet grass where you are kitting up.

The whole bag has a trifold design that means it folds the three sections into a neat roughly two foot by two foot kit bag size. Two heavy velcro straps hold it all in place

The bag means you tend to look after your waders properly, you bag them up wet at the bank side, transport the bag home, open the velcro straps and then hang it in the garage or wherever. Next time you want to use it simply fold the bag up and lob it in the back of the motor and away you go.

Utterly brilliant bit of kit that seems well made and hard-wearing. You can buy them from most good tackle dealers and no doubt many will do deals on these when you buy waders, if they do bite their hand off and get one! They tend to retail at around £39 ordinarily (2011 prices).

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