Hardy Premium DT Fly Line

I originally got hold of one of these lines to go with my Hardy Marksman Reel in a 3 weight and have to say have been massively impressed with it. It has low memory, and casts beautifully.  In fact it shoots so well that you might be forgiven for thinking its a WF line. It comes in a dull olive green colour which is perfect for tactical river fly fishing, and though the tippet loop supplied is actually very small and neat I still fitted mine with a Roman Moser micro loop just to finish it off nicely. It floats well, is very slim in profile- you notice this when being used to fishing with a WF line, and as a result there is less surface” stiction” so it mends well.


  • Being a double taper line it also has the advantage that if and when the line gets a bit worn you can reverse the whole thing and use the other end. Two lines in one almost!

    I got my 3# line in a sale in GAC but was so impressed I picked one up to use with my 4weight set up and have been equally impressed with this. An ideal river dry fly line.

  • Hanak Superlight 34

    I was after a new reel to go with my Hanak Czech Nymph Champion 4 in 1 rod and Sunray World Championship Nymph line and after looking at a few alternatives settled on this new reel from Hanak. In particular it had to meet three criteria.

    Large Arbor
    Light as possible
    Black or no shine finish
    The Hanak reel satisfies on all these points. It’s a simple reel with left and right wind possibilities, is feather light, and yet actually manages to pack a drag into its minuscule frame. Read More about “Hanak Superlight 34”

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