Stroft Monofiliament

The choice of champions! Stroft is very popular with River Guides and competition Anglers. I know some who use it for both top of the water and subsurface work ( nymphing), on the whole I like it for dry fly fishing on rivers and still waters with smaller average sized fish, having a preference for Fluorocarbon for subsurface and stockie bashing.

stroft abr

Stroft ABR

It comes in two types, GTM and ABR. The ABR is brown in colour and this in many ways makes it ideal for the type of fishing found in Scotland with peat stained waters. Unusually its sold by diameter and not breaking strain, though the breaking strain is on the spool in kgs.

stroft gtm

Stroft GTM

It is very fine for its rating and has really good knot strength in my experience. I have both GTM and ABR and would say that GTM is OK as long as you are not using it in very flat conditions on a stillwater as it does rather cling to the surface film and is quite visible even after taking the shine off with degreasant.
Stroft is very good for presenting a dry fly as its almost flacid in use. The only criticism I have of it really is its is more prone to twisting than say fluorocarbon , especially when fishing bushy dry flies, and it can end up all twisted and kinked as a result. This comes down to the fly being used but its worth keeping an eye on it every few casts when using finer diameters of line.

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