The pages in this section will detail my view on the rods I have available.
Rods I have are so expect info on all Some ar eobviously no longer avaialable new but might be of interest to the collector or someone looking for a bargain on ebay:

  • Scierra HM3 #6/7 9ft
  • Greys Streamflex plus XF2 9ft6/10ft 4+1 piece #4
  • John Dickson and Son 9ft #5-#7
  • Snowbee Prestige #6 9ft travel rod (6 piece)
  • Viper #6/7 9ft carbon rod

As a general note, I have picked up a few rods on ebay either new (end of line) or second hand, I rarely pay anythin glike full price for a rod. The only new rod I have purchased at anything close to retail is the Greys rod and this was because I have tried for months to pick up a older Streamflex in a 9ft 4weight but they are all gone. Second hand ones seem pricey.