John Dickson and Son Fly rod

This rod I mention purely out of interest. This rod was my Dads purchased in 1980 ( I bought it for him as a Christmas Present).

It was hardly used really maybe a couple of dozen times, I used to borrow it as a youth when I could as it went with a nice Hardy LRH reel and floating line.It was about £100 way back then so not cheap. Stirling Angling Centre reckon its built on a Hardy or Grey’s blank.

I have been using it this last 6-7 months and its coped well with everything except distance casting.

It’s rated a 5#/7# which is a very wide rating. To be honest, a 7# is just far too much for it, and any attempt to put a bit power into a cast ends up in a nasty tailing loop. I got hold of a Scierra HMT Loading zone 5WF floating line for it and it made a massive difference.

I have been using it for Grayling fishing where I feel its soft enough not to pull the hook out the mouth of a fish though its a little short- but its still caught me a few fish so must not complain.

What I really love about this rod though is feel, when you have a fish on whether its a half pound or 8 lb – you really know about it- and it can bend over double. I landed my personal best 8lb 2 oz Rainbow on this and it was probably far too soft for the job but boy was it fun! I also took a 46cm Grayling with it and again a tremendous amount of feel.

Possibly not the right tool for Catch and Release fishing where really you don’t want to be over fighting fish- you sort of want to be able to bully them a wee bit so they don’t get too tired, but otherwise it’s a nice rod. I have to say I will probably use it less than I have until now as I have acquired a few rods that are more suited to the fishing styles I do, and I want to look after it- it’s not easy to replace.



  1. cwew
    January 7, 2013 @ 19:16

    Is your father John W. Dickinson, Jr.? If so, contact me. I have a fly rod that bears this name.


    • unfamous
      January 7, 2013 @ 20:59

      No I am afraid not. I think maybe you are picking up on my page about a John Dickson and Sons fly rod I have. John Dickson was an Edinburgh based Gunsmith and Fly Rod maker with a long heritage in game fishing, unfortunately they have long since ceased the fishing tackle side of their business as far as I know but still operate a country pursuits shop in Edinburgh catering mainly to the shooting and stalking fraternity. You will find them here


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    June 2, 2016 @ 21:14

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  3. Bengt Ekegärd
    August 3, 2018 @ 23:43

    I have one of those! Bought it my self in Edinburgh 1984. It´s made by them on Hardy blanks. If you look att the rod it´s marked, sections and pieces, with the white hand weighting done by the Lady who signed every Hardy blank made in Alnwick. I started to use it again with help from one great Hardy test pilot and fishing guide in Sweden. On his recommendation I use it as a switch rod with an fighting but, a 5# Rio Scandic Versitip short and a Guideline running line 19 kg of strength. I´ts marvelous to use!
    In F&F a read about John Dicksson and his Dark Mackrell. I tied some up and have so far landed some nice sea trouts with that combo.
    Please contact me on and I will send you some pic!


    • unfamous
      August 8, 2018 @ 18:36

      Is your’s a two piece rod then? I like a 5# rod but I have to be honest and say I find it a bit soft for my casting style . While it is rated a 5-7# I think 7# is way too heavy. A 5#weight line cast best with it ( for me)


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