The Casting Machine

I have been looking for one of these for a while. Having fished now for over a year with the HM3 9ft #6/7 I have gotten used to the feel and the action but felt I could do with something a bit longer for large water boat fishing in particular but also bank fishing on the bigger waters like Carron Valley.

I had only seen the one of these on ebay, being that they are out of production now and that last one I seen went out my reach on the bidding. When I was down in Wales I passed comment to the rod designer himself- Hywel Morgan that I was after one, and he mentioned he had a worn but serviceable one lying round I could have if I wanted. I was happy to pay him but in the event he gave me it…. will sort something out on that front.

Anyway it duly arrived and when I was out at Burnhouse I decided to give the bigger rod a go.

The set up was the my Greys GRXi+ reel (#5/6) fitted with an Airflo WF7 40plus line. ( Yes I know the line is probably too big for the reel, but its what i have and have never seen a need to go up a size in reels.

Now I have to say that since I got this line I don’t feel I have entirely seen the benefit of it. I am getting more consistent distance with it but I would not say I was going further than I can with a more conventional line. I do find I get less tangles with it and its less effort to push it out to the edge of my casting envelope. My longest casts tend to be no more than 22-24 Yards. With the 40plus line on the 9ft HM3 #6/7 I can do this relatively repetitively but I can hit this distance with a HMT #WF7 line too, though it takes me a lot more effort which becomes tiring and then my casting goes to rat$hit.

So one it went to the 10ft 7/8. I have always been led to believe that rod length does not directly dictate distance, though the engineer in me says if you extend the length of the lever you should be able to apply greater tip speed and therefor more distance.

My first cast with the new rod was nothing short of jaw dropping! All the line I had spooled off for casting promptly shot out over the water like an arrow, and stopped with a snap as it tightened to the reel.  I spooled off more line and it to was gobbled up with impunity by the “new” HM3 and fired to the horizon. I am “easily” getting 5 metres more on my cast. In fact I was aerialising so much line that I snagged the bank way way behind me miles beyond where I was covering before with the 9ft Rod.

I really could not test it much further for distance as I never had the back cast room, but this thing is a beast. The action is fast and very similar to that of the 9ft rod, its a good bit heavier and larger diameter both at the but, but also at the tip. The rings feel like they guide the line and assist with the shooting action so much better than on the other rod. I have since checked it to make sure they aren’t worn on my regular rod but they seem fine but the difference is so pronounced.

The rod has a full Wells handle on compared to the half wells of the 9ft. I prefer the feel of a half Wells but the bigger rod I guess dictates the fuller handle shape being better. Hywel said the handle would need replaced, to me it seems fine, Ok I suspect some of  the filler has came out but it does not seem tatty and is fully serviceable. I might look into putting it into Alba Rods in the New year for a refurb though if they reopen for business.

I will take the rod up the field for a more scientific test to measure the distance I am getting and will report back in due course, but so far I am so impressed.