Scierra HM3 fly rod

Scierra HM3 9ft 6/7# fly rod

This rod is no longer made, I think they stopped selling them in the shops around early summer 2010.

Precursor to purchase

The rod is one of the models designed by or with Hywel Morgan. I  came to buy this as a way of gauging my casting performance- maybe not logical to many anglers but here was my line of thinking.

My trusty John Dickson fly rod was causing me issues when trying to cast a line much further than say 50 feet. If I pushed it at all it invariably ended up in a tailing loop. Its an exceptionally soft rod. (its lovely when playing a fish or on a shorter line though)

I was really not sure what to replace it with for my still water fishing and did not really want to commit to spending a lot of money on a fancy new rod- or going down market and buying a rubbish rod that I would maybe grow out of or be disappointed in in due course.

So I was spending a lot of my “learning time” watching the excellent Hywel Morgans fly fishing master class on Horse and Country TV ( is there any other program worth watching on this channel?)

On here you see Hywel demonstrate his techniques and skills all using the HM3 range of rods. I figured if he could put out a tight 80 foot cast with one of these rods- then the only thing stopping me is bad technique. If I had a decent tool- I can’t be blaming it on my poor performance.

A second “driver” was I had bought my son a beginners fly fishing kit and the rod that came with it- a 9ft 6” Viper carbon 6/7# rod, while a little heavy for a full days fishing, in my view, was casting for me way better than the Dicksons rod- at range. In fact if I was out in  a head wind or fishing where range was more of an issue I was finding myself using it- at least for a while- after 4 hours I was getting a bit arm ache it must be said. So in my mind, I can actually cast a reasonable range- say 60 feet, Ok but my own rod was hindering me- its just not the tool for the job, much as I like it.

So I kept an eye on Ebay and online ad sites for a HM3 rod. A few came and went and were either sold quickly or the wrong weight- a few 9 weights were about. But eventually I was able to bid and win an HM3 in a 9ft 6/7# that had evidently been used maybe 2 or 3 times. It was descibed as much and on arriving was immaculate.

I paired it up with an Airflo WF7 floating line. I have to say that initially I was a bit disappointed in it, I had no doubt it could cast but it felt very stiff compared to the rod I was used to. Now many anglers would stop me at this point and point out I bought it before I tried it- yes that’s correct and had I been paying full price for it I would have tried before I bought, but given they are no longer available, that wasn’t an option and it was only £50 so worth taking a chance on in my view. My casting range really was not any better than on my sons cheapy Viper rod.

I could though start to try double hauling with it, and after much practice was starting to get a feel for the technique. I would not say mastery- far from it even now- but I was getting the essential first spring through the rod on the back cast as well as the increase in tension on the delivery.

In fact after a lot of practice up the park in the winter I did start to see my casting range improve quite measurably- say as much as 4 to 5 metres.

I have recently paired the rod with a 6 weight sink tip and it’s a revelation. I do still get the odd tailing loop that (especially when using 3 flies) sometimes ends in a tangle, but when I get it right the line seems to run out forever! (or at least until the slack is used up!

I feel this summer will see a big step forward in my casting with this rod, and I would say I am starting to like it.

The rod described

Its quite a stiff rod but beautifully made and has some really nice detail touches, like the matt finish ( I know this is something Hywel is quite hot on and rightly so) and the lovely fish pattern reel seat. I figure though that it’s what would be classed a fast action rod and it does not suffer fools! (like me).

The rod is made from a 57t carbon blank and has double legged  stripper guides with intermediate low friction snake guides. It comes in a pretty cool carbon rod tube and a soft rod bag.

The only criticism I have really of the rod is when fighting a fish. Its really quite stiff and you don’t get the feel of the fight the same way I get with the Dicksons rod– my benchmark. I guess this is down to it being a much more powerful rod.

I have though managed to land a 7 and a quarter pound rainbow on it and many smaller fish too.

Not bad for £50 though.[wcs_qr_code]


  1. Needs must - the unfamous fly
    January 4, 2016 @ 21:22

    […] Scierra HM3 fly rod […]


  2. Harold Cook
    June 19, 2018 @ 00:11

    i have just purchased an scierra hm 3 7/8 10ft i hope it does the job on the Norwegian rivers,living in Norway it will get a lot of use.


    • unfamous
      June 19, 2018 @ 04:45

      You did well getting one nowadays as they are few and far between. I have a 9ft 7/8 but it is a bit heavy for me generally with my arthritis. It used to be Hywels own rod, he gave it to me. My 6/7 I broke the tip on and have never been able to get a replacement. Still have it in case one ever turns up. Enjoy, hope it lasts you a long time.


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