Frogs Fanny

Shimzake Dry Shake dessicant

Shimzake Dry Shake dessicant

For a long while I have used the Shimzake dry shake for my dry flies and to be honest can’t really fault it. It’s clean doesn’t leave residue and just works. Yeah its not cheap but it lasts a long time in my experience so all good in my opinion.

Frogs fanny

Frogs fanny, very effective but a lot goes to waste and leave residue.

However I hear Frogs Fanny mentioned a lot both by anglers and in the wider angling media and as it is now stocked by Angling Active I decided to pick up a bottle and give it a try.

So, thoughts? Well first off it is very fine- almost like sherbet or cornflour, and coming as it does with an applicator brush as soon as you open a new bottle the powder blows everywhere. I am wondering what percentage of FF actually makes it onto the flies as a considerable amount just blows away!

Without doubt the killer feature is the brush and I have long been of the opinion that all these dessicant type floatants really should come with a brush. I find with the dry shake, I need to give the fly a clean, ( if its CDC, then a few seconds with the rubber band method too) shake it in the  tub blow it and tuft it up, then sometimes another shake then its refreshed for use. With the FF and brush, after desliming a quick stiple with the brush and the job is mostly done. I do still tend to use the rubber band method on CDC still as it so effective.

Does the fly float afterwards? Oh yes, like the proverbial cork so no argument there. However give it a coating a wee blow and drop it in the water at your feet, what do you see? I see a slick of the powder form around the fly. Now I know false casting should shake a lot of the excess off and it does but there is still a slick round the fly – I checked even after one cast of the fly. It might be less of an issue on moving water where the current is washing it away as fast as its being dispersed by the fly.

So verdict? for me it won’t be replacing my Shimzake but I will continue to use it until the bottle runs out which probably won’t be long at the rate the  stuff blows away taking the brush out the bottle. I will be saving the brush for my Shimzake afterwards!

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