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High Activity, Low Interest

Fish were being caught I was told, but seemed to have headed down deeper with the wind. So I opted to start with a sinking line ( an intermediate would have done but frankly I am not very happy with my Airflo intermediate line- I will need to get a new one, as sections of it appear to stick firmly to the surface and some less heavy flies end up trapped int he surface not just below as they should. ) and this ensured I would get down with my flies. On the point I had a modestly sized “fireman” lure and on the droppers a Cormorant and a black Pennel. Within a few casts at the south end of the loch I had my first follow, all the way in to my feet though the fish lost interest as soon as movement stopped ( I couldn’t retrieve further) and swum off. Interestingly it was the Pennel it appeared to follow.

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I ventured out to Orchil yesterday for my first 4 hour session in almost 2 months as it’s the first time I felt up to it. Had it been a nicer week before hand I very possibly may have headed off in pursuit of the Grayling...

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Four times Out

My outings of late have been fairly short and frankly not much to write home about, so I have condensed them into this little “compendium” of fishing trips. Pendreich 24th July A mild but grey night and it looked...

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