Troubled by Wind

Unseasonably blowie you would have to say it is just now.

If you are fishing a loch you expect a corduroy ripple not white horses and a risk of capsizing. I notice Carron Valley was closed this weekend due to gusts up to 40mph! For my part any thoughts of some more stillwater fishing was out due to the high volume of moving air. I cannot tell a lie, feeling a bit tired, I honestly wasn’t hugely driven to get out fishing this weekend, but I felt if I got out in the fresh air maybe it would wake me up.

I headed down the River Carron in the hope I might find some shelter from the wind, and as I drove a few plans formulated in my head where I might go. But they never reached fruition, I ended up stopping at a spot I haven’t accessed the river from for a while and after tackling up with my 4 weight in the thought that maybe a bit more weight would be needed to counter the gusts. I opted to fish a normal fly line, an indicator and a couple of nymphs to get down.

A wild trout about to be returned

A nice wild fish going back

As I crossed the shallows on the river I saw fish rise and wondered if nymphs were the right method. However first run through with a pair of bugs, a pearly Perdigone and a 47 nymph on the dropper and I hooked a small wild Brown trout on the dropper. The rising fish however continued above and below me and I was sure some of those rises might be better fish. After a wind driven tangle I decided not just to sort my tippet but simply to change set up and put on a small dry. I wasn’t sure what the fish were rising to, I had seen a few large dark olives come off and there were plenty midges around. In the shallows I came across a couple of somewhat battered looking bright green flies, with 4 big wings not unlike a dragon fly but not big enough. I wasn’t really sure what they were, It crossed my mind to take a photo but they were a bit messed up, had they been attacked by fish or merely broken up after falling to the water post laying their eggs? I started with an olive in a 16 but this got no interest. I was having to cast between gusts but with a tapered leader on it was going out remarkably well. Then I changed to a tiny size 22 midge. This rose a couple of fish and then I contacted another small wild fish, like before, small but not tiny, and this one put up quite a remarkable fight for its diminutive size.

However, the dries I felt weren’t really rocking the joint and so I went back to my slingpack and extracted my 3 weight nymphing rod and reel and set this up. Over the deeper water beneath a tree I had a subtle take, the indicator didn’t so much “jab” away as just slowly move erratically and I lifted and felt the weight of a more sizeable fish. Again not huge, this one was though a nice sized wild fish, it had taken the pearly Perdigone in a deep channel.

After a tangle with a swinging branch that dipped un fortuitously into backcast range while I was mid cast, I ended up with my flies wrapped around a branch where I could see others had come croppers too, and it wasn’t coming free. I lost all three bugs annoyingly.

I took this as my cue to move elsewhere.

At the next pool, I went down and fished the lower fast channel below the pool first on the nymphs but had nothing here before starting into the slower water above me. My first cast had literally just hit the water when I felt a definite very strong tug. This though was very much “on the drop” and though I reacted the fish was clearly on and off before I was even aware. I can honestly say I don’t think I have experienced a take like this in my nymph fishing, usually, the flies are either on the bottom or rising towards the surface at the end of the run. I tried again and surprisingly the fish came again, this time I saw the indicator move and then I saw the fish, a real belter. However I clearly jagged it though it didn’t stick and it wasn’t coming back. I fished on up the run and managed one more small fish on the bugs. Before I called it a day a final run through with a Parachute Adams and a French Nymph, got quite a few pulls and rises to the dry but none that actually seemed to take. So a better outing than I expected given the changeable and windy conditions but you have to wish this wind would just blow off.