Sometimes it just has to be done.

Glencorse on Sunday Morning was always going to be affected by the conditions, with wall to wall blue skies from the minute the sun popped above the horizon. Bright sunlight never makes for the easiest fishing and fish tend to lie deep and can be lethargic. One thing none of the anglers who turned out for the SCAC outing on Sunday was quite prepared for was the wind. It was exceptionally windy and a strange wind at that. If you know Glencorse at all, its L shaped but that did not stop my self and boat partner for the day, Willie drifting pretty much in one uninterrupted drift from the very head of the reservoir down the inside bank and round the corner all the way ultimately to the dam wall. Granted we used the motor a fair few times to push us out from the edge but basically, the wind kept pushing is down and in all the way down both legs of the drift.

We did, however, struggle to find fish. The top area had been a killer zone for me last year but only Willie hit into a fish here on an intermediate line fishing a cutthroat Cat snake. He practically had it to the boat when it came off leading to a few expletives. But he did still manage a few more knocks on this pattern. Me? well, I started on a floating line with a Sedge on point and a couple of buzzers on the droppers. I was getting fish rising to the dry almost from my first cast though I suspect these were small lightning fast browns. One did, however, oblige by taking the point fly across in the bay opposite the island, it was a takeable size around half a pound or so and very bonnie in gold and red but it was safely released to fight another day, I don’t kill Browns unless bleeding.

I tried to stick to the floater for a while but then as Willie continued to get pulls on the intermediate and Snakes I decided myself, to fish a bit deeper fitting the Di3 and a couple of Boobies but this never got me so much as a touch either. I hate fishing deep to be honest, but I thought maybe if the intermediate at the stage was tempting the fish into the zone to pull at the snake now and again maybe a couple of buoyant flies fished deeper would hold their attention longer. It didn’t and later on in the day speaking to the more competition focussed lads in the club they tried Di5’s too and had no success. By the end of the day everyone was on or had been on for some time, a full intermediate line.


Bright and breezy Glencorse

Quite what flies were working was a bit of a lottery. Once we moved down into the bay by the lodge Willie got two fish over a couple of hours on the snake and had several pulls. I eventually decided having tried many more “conventional” but smaller lures on my Intermediate line to give a Cats Whiskers Zonker a go. I never fish these things as I tire so quickly throwing this much fluff around, I hate fishing deep and I can usually barely lift my arm the day after as it aggravates my arthritis. Add to this my rod is a 6 weight which isn’t ideally suited to flinging big air-resistant flies. The wind for once did help though and after about 30 minutes pulling this big lump of rabbit about and literally just commenting it had gone very quiet again, I had a hard pull and the fish pretty much hooked itself. All I had to do was take my time and get it in the net lest it snap my 6lb line. I netted a nice 2-2and a half pound rainbow which was taken for the count.

For me that was the entirety of my sport, it was hot in the afternoon and windy and the fish just didn’t show up for most. One or two of the lads seemed to hit the odd pocket of interested fish, especially on the road shore half way up where ironically ended up being the one area we never got to. Nonetheless a day for a suntan and there are worse ways to spend a Sunday!.