The River Tweed is renowned as a top Trout, Grayling and Salmon river throught Scotland, the UK and probably the World.

I was give a few pointers to some Grayling fishing and as the location iwas given to me privately I have decided this will be a private post. So if you want to know more you will need to register than contact me to be given the password to the protected posts.

All I can tell you here is I was fishing the Peebleshire Trout Fishing Association waters, and I never had a lot of success . I netted a single Brown trout, the water was crystal clear and not too cold and I really thought I was in for a chance. There were a couple of Herons about and the lower part of the run I fished was moving with Salmon.

Top of the section fished

Top of the section fished

I reckon that if their were Grayling here on the day and they were spread out I would have touched one or two. If they were here but shoaling they would have been visible- I could certainly see the salmon in places from the bank. Two even swum right under my feet while I was sitting on the bank changing bugs.

Weather was not brilliant- a nasty down river wind blew which was a pain and it rain a wee bit. It wasn’t too cold though but the river was fairly pushing along and wading was difficult in places.