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All Bluster

After an almost totally still end to the day yesterday and much the same but with heavy showers, early morning today, I think we all got lulled into thinking the worst of the recent weather had passed the island of Islay.

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Sell this To Me

Salmon Fishing, something I have never felt particularly motivated to do. My membership/season ticket for the Carron actually allows me to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout…. I haven’t bothered, up to now it just hasn’t grabbed me.

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The Wet Heather…..Fly

I think it is fair to say, if last year we struck lucky with the weather on Islay, it was unlikely we would strike that lucky two year son the trot. The tail end of this “Hurricane Helene” now officially Storm Helene, has landed in Islay at the same time as us.

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