Hywel Morgan’s Fly Fishing Masterclass

The listed items and links lead to each episode of Hywel’s top series on fly fishing from a couple of years back. Its a terrific series and I would recommend it highly to novice anglers as well as returning anglers like myself. It’s the guide I never had in my youth.

Would be great if they made more series but for now there are just these 12 episodes. I have tried to list the key components of the content in each episode so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

    • Garnfryywd
      • Braided loops
      • Tan Buzzer


    • Lenches Lake, Evesham
      • Marking a sinking line
      • Diawl Bach


    • River Colne, Cirencester (William Strip estate)
      • Separating rod sections in heat
      • F Fly


    • Little Horseshoe Lake, Watermark resort, Cirencester
      • Changing a fly line quickly
      • Cats Whisker


    • River Colne, Cirencester
      • Getting a fly out of skin
      • Gold Head Hares ear


    • Avon Springs
      • Measuring leaders
      • Damsel nymph


    • Avon Springs
      • Snake lift
      • Bibio Hopper


    • Rutland Water
      • Tying flies on line
      • Snake roll
      • Humungus


    • Maellor Beat, River Dee
      • Czech Nymph leaders
      • Catch cast
      • Hot Spot PTN


    • Bankhouse Fishery, Lancaster
      • Cut cast
      • Tackle bag
      • Shuttlecock buzzer


    • Draycot Water
      • Leader lengths
      • Casting in unfavourable winds
      • Cruncher


    • Avon Springs chalk stream
      • Marking loading section of line
      • double hauling
      • Blob booby




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    July 31, 2012 @ 20:18

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  2. Andrew Cybulski
    February 3, 2016 @ 15:37

    Great series can the whole series be purchased?


    • unfamous
      February 3, 2016 @ 15:48

      Hi Andrew
      not as far as I am aware ( there are ways and means of downloading them off the site but far be it for me to promote this behaviour) 😉 Hywel has loads of DVDs that cover much the same material but in a more up to date format. You might want to look at his fairly recent 4 seasons videos , there is one on River Fishing, and I think two on Stillwater ( one boat the other bank). I have the river one and the Stillwater bank fishing and they are very similar in content to the TV series but updated with some other methods. Hope that helps. Have a look at hywels site at hywelmorgan.co.uk


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