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Maybe not for the Purist

I probably managed to fish about 5 metres of the river with my two small but heavy red tagged bugs, one green the other black, and a pink shrimp on top dropper, when there was a knock and I was in to the first fish of this Autumn/winter Grayling season.

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Dark Day on the River of Trees

The bottom was VERY uneven and I was finding it a bit of a challenge with the sore feet, to be honest. It was then I was so glad I had my wading stick and life -preserver on as my next step nearly had me come a cropper. I  edged forward feeling the depth for the bottom when the wading staff went right down! Unfortunately, I was kind of using it to keep my balance too and suddenly I was falling forward into what felt bottomless.

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Late winner

First outing of the “Grayling season” how could I resist? I was trudging through possibly the most monotonous job in telecoms late on Thursday when I heard the weather forecast for Friday. It hadn’t rained for a day or so and the river levels app was suggesting the Clyde was at a good height. A matter of minutes later a day off was booked and as soon as work was done I was getting my river gear together ready for the morning.

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Rain, Sleet, Snow, Rain, Fish?

I ventured off again to the Clyde yesterday, again out to fish a stretch that I have not wet a line in before. I was in an area I have visited previously but generally have fished upstream, this time I wanted to try fishable looking spots downstream.

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The Fog of Fishing

I cannot walk past a wee burn, it is very possibly my favourite fishing type, and though in places it was quite silty from bank erosion I still ventured to run my bugs through the more gravelly deep area on the off chance there was something lurking below.

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