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Ladies Day

No, not a post about Grayling fishing, I think my Grayling targetting is probably done for this side of the summer, no, today I decided to have a couple of hours out on my last Stockie bashing session of the trout closed season.

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Just Go Do It!

I loitered for an hour or so after breakfast- there were presents to open after all 🙂 and seeing the wind was gusty rather than constant I thought, I could maybe chance a short two hours in some sheltered spot at Swanswater, as it is usually fishable in most windy conditions being

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Just Got Lucky

Today was the annual “Day After Boxing Day” charity fishing competition at Swanswater in aid of raising funds for Strathcarron Hospice. As ever despite the very cold temperatures, there was a great turn out and I understand over £900 was raised for the hospice ( the final amount will, I am sure, be posted on Swanswater’s facebook page once Morna and Alastair have thawed out!).

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You Don’t Need to be Mental….. but it Helps

I remembered I needed to nip round to Swanswater to put my name down for their annual “Day after Boxing Day” charity fishing “competition” so thought I would go round and do that and if it looked possible, have no more than 2 hours of fishing, if there wasn’t too much ice.

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The Grayling Slayer

Sunday and I was practically pushed out the door to go fishing by the Mrs. To be honest it was either fishing or back to bed as I was frankly shattered for reasons too convoluted and irrelevant to the story to relate to you here. The sun was shining, it was a fine looking day and I opted for getting out.

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Learning new lines

Ordinarily, I would have just gone out and bought another identical line….but no! They have “updated the range”. Now there is no longer a simple choice of a Greys Platinum line in a 7# oh no, that would be too simple, now you have a Stealth, a Shoot and an Extreme.

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