North Third Fishery (updated April 2015)

Please note North Third Trout Fishery, following two years of maintenance work on the dam wall by Scottish water, which resulted in closure of the fishery, it has decided to close down. For the time being the loch no longer operates as a trout fishery. If this changes I will update it here, so please treat the information below as for interest only as the fishery is no longer operational.

North Third looking very low
A very low North Third Reservoir in Summer 2018.

North Third no longer operates as a Commercial Fishery. The owner I understand auctioned off all the boats and outboards. I have no knowledge of it ever being offered for sale as a going concern.

I note there is actually a boat house on the bank near the farmhouse/rental cottages, which I do not recall previously. It may be that the lease holder continues to offer fishing on the loch under the rental tterms of his holiday cottages. Certainly the description reads like that might be the case.

I am aware of casual anglers going to fish and camp there, especially in the summer at weekends. As far as I know the leaseholder either allows it or turns a blind eye. I really do not know, but I can say it isn’t stocked so anything you catch now would be wild.

If the situation re. North Third ever changes I will of course post something on the site.

North Third Early Springtime
North Third Early Springtime

Its a very popular fishery amongst anglers and is quite a large stretch of water.



Size: 120acres

Entrance to North Third

Access Road:


Public Transport:

None- best you could do is hire a taxi from Stirling, the water is about 4 miles from the Bannockburn road and about 6 miles from Stirling City Centre.

Species: Brown Trout and Perch

Contact: 07767 831 197

Notable Rules: Request from leaseholder

North Third late in the season
North Third late in the season: Grim!


North Third is a now disused public water supply reservoir of some 120 acres or therabouts.

Personal Opinion

I have  fished North Third a few times and I have to say my initial impressions were not good. Partly due to the weather on the day- it was pretty grim, and partly due to the behaviour of other anglers. On my visit there were a number of anglers who I would guess are regulars. Their fishing tactics were at best unsporting and at worst possibly illegal. The tactic being employed was to cast a sinking line in with a short leader and a booby on the end and simply leave it. They even set up rod rests with sticks from the branches of a tree. I think I seen them cast about 6 times all day and they caught about 6 fish between standing chatting and drinking tea. I am really not sure where the fly fishing is in this. From my point of view the disappointing thing was the lack of anyone policing the venue. I suspect this is the norm as I doubt these anglers would have stood fishing as they did if they thought there was any risk of being challenged.

Also there were a number of anglers with spinning rods secreted below the bank, sometimes in the water. Whether they were bait fishing for trout or Perch as was suggested by one when I asked him, I cannot say but I have my own thought on the matter.

My more recent visit though was much more favourable and I have to say if you can get there for the 16:30-22:30 shift, its really quite a bargain, at £18 foa one rod boat ( and you can take a junior angler long for free) with a 10 bag imit for the boat, out in a boat its a very pleasant fishery, the boats are clean tidy and well maintained and George the owner is a very helpful chap.

If bank fishing you have to have waders, there is an awful lot of weed near the shore and you will neither reach the clear water or have a hassle free visit if you try to cast from the bank in my opinion. There is a spot about two thirds along the west bank where there is  sort of promintory with trees behind, this area offered direct access to deep water and had little or no weed. Beyond this you get close to the dam wall where you can wade quite far out and I would guess deep water lies beyond.

Value for money:

Catch and Release Policy:


Details on the location can be found at


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