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Trout Fishery Reviews at the Unfamous Fly

Here at The Unfamous Fly, I like to fish new trout fisheries as often as possible. Many anglers get hooked on a trout fishery because they have it sussed, and going regularly they keep up with what's working, where the fish are and what they will take. While I totally "get" that approach, personally I have too low a boredom threshhold to keep thrashing the same bit water over too many back to back trips. I do like to try either new places, or visit somewhere I have not been for a while.

In the spirit of reporting on what I find when I am out and about, I have written a series of reviews of all the commercial and club trout fisheries ( Stillwater ) that hopefully provide some idea, to you the angler who might be considering a visit. I would recommend always check prices with the fishery concerned as it is hard for me to keep up with the prices at a venue if I have not been for a while. If you find a place has closed, changed hands, or anything that might be useful, please do comment on my review and let me know.


Swanswater Trout Fishery

The fishery is actually two ponds and a small loch (Swanswater), and you may purchase a permit for just the smaller Meadow Pond and Mill Pond, or Swanswater itself which also covers the smaller ponds. Fishing is catch and release or catch and keep on all the ponds and on Swanswater itself. If on Catch and Release you must use debarbed hooks, try get fish in quickly – don’t over play them so use a fairly heavy leader and avoid handling them wherever possible.

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Woodburn Trout Fishery

Woodburn Trout Fishery is located at the foot of the Campsie Fells, at the site of a now defunct reservoir. It lies just above Antermony Loch to the West of Kilsyth.
Great fighting fish, clean and tidy fishery and good value for money, with pretty good facilities for the fly and bait angler ( bait anglers have their own pond to fish in) .

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Kinross Trout Fishery

Kinross Trout Fishery is a new ( 2018) fishery opposite Kinross Services just off the M90. A former quarry, I beleive it is very mature looking with lots of greenery surrounding two bait and two fly ponds, which are home to some VERY big trout.

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