Kinross Trout Fishery is ( I think) a new fishing venue located at the end of a narrow road directly opposite the entrance to Kinross Services just off the M90 between Edinburgh and Perth.

Lodge at Kinross Trout FisheryI believe it is located in a former quarry though it appears to be a long time in it’s past as the grounds don’t offer much clue that it was ever anything other than greenery and woodland.

The real clue is in the water as the 4 interlinked ponds shelve off very rapidly and are deep.

Finding Kinross:

The Kinross Trout fishery website is a little misleading if you go by their published Google Map on the directions page as to look at it you might be forgiven for thinking it is located bang in the centre of the town. Clearly, that’s not the case! This map I have prepared is a better guide to its location.

To get here, simply head for Kinross from wherever you are coming from, and if you are unfamiliar with the Motorway Services location, simply head for the Kinross Junction of the Motorway or the large roundabout above the Motorway if you are not coming here via the Motorway, take the westbound exit from the roundabout on to the A977 and the motorway services are located just on your right. Directly opposite is a side road which has a sign for a restaurant called the Grouse and Claret ( a fishing connection probably with Kinross’ better-known fishing venue Loch Leven).

Head down this road, take your time as it is single track in places, and right at the very end over a series of speed bumps you will find the car parking area and the fishery entrance.

Access road: GoodOK with care- well surfaced so no hazards on that front but narrow in places so allow foroncomingg vehicles getting by.

Public Transport: None known, but if you can get to Kinross by Public transport, I believe the only method being bus, the fishery would only be a short taxi ride out from the town centre.

Contact: 07376762057

Species: Rainbow, Blue trout ( stocked) there are some VERY large fish in the ponds and all fish over 10lb are to be returned even on a catch and take ticket ( you are credited with an extra fish to take if you catch a specimen fish and return it as I understand).

Kinross Trout Fishery

The unusually named ponds

Size: The fishery comprises 4 ponds, two for Bait and two for Fly only. As this, is a fly fishing site the two of interest are named

Charlie: 3 acres

Baxter: 5 acres


As I stated above the fishery consists of four interlinked (I think) ponds, the two larger of which are dedicated to fly only.

There are casting platforms spaced around the entire site, wading is not permitted due to the sudden drop off just out from the bank.

There is a lot of vegetation surrounding the ponds so casting at points other than the casting platforms is likely to be near enough impossible. The platforms I saw were carpeted with artificial grass which makes for a grippy surface to stand on and no damage to lines around your feet, unlike chicken wire.

The water looks to be fairly clear and there are fairly dense beds of aquatic weed around the margins. It is interesting to note that the fishery owner told me they were pumping “oxygen” in at I think he said 7 areas of the lake. You can see the bubbles on the surface. I am not sure if he actually meant oxygen or if it’s just air, I assume air? During the warmer conditions this summer some sort of aeration may be necessary, I am not so sure the water was warm enough to warrant it when I was there unless there is some other reason extra oxygenation would be necessary either due to the depth or the volume of water relative to the relatively small surface area ( as gas exchange takes place entirely on the surface).

The fishery has a facebook page that publicises stockings and you can see the size of the fish going in. Some of them are enormous, and I imagine costly, so I can understand why the owner is keen they be returned safely.

Kinross is a Troutmasters water.

Kinross Trout Fishery rules

Fishery Rules

Facilities: There is a rather sign bedecked lodge, there are so many signs and posters around it was kind of hard to take them all in! Someone likes lots of written rules! I have no idea what facilities are available in the lodge as it was locked on both occasions I was at it as the owner was away either on business or dealing with returning fish. I ‘think’ there is ordinarily tea or coffee in the lodge.  I also think there is some sort of membership scheme active at the fishery which allows members to fish regularly, as I understand it there is a £400 a year annual “fish all you want” membership and some other lower cost one but you would need to contact the fishery to understand how it works as I couldn’t work it out from the website.

Personal Opinions:

Kinross looks to be a tidy fishery with a big clientele judging by the numbers there on my visit. The owner Garry seems friendly and was very accommodating to myself and a friend when we visited. Fishing fees are pretty much average for the area and you can see them on the fishery website.

The fishery has space for disabled angler access ( though I think it needs to be booked in advance) and also allows float tubes but again these need to be pre booked for access.

There are a couple of wee things that would improve it for me. The fishery needs to have the lodge open for anglers even when the owner is away from his post dealing with something on site. That or he simply needs to employ someone to help out! ( yeah I understand the cost issue there). But you can’t disappear for 30 minutes and expect arriving or leaving anglers to hang about.

Also some bins around the platforms for waste would be good.

Kinross Trout Fishery

View across Baxter

Value for moneyVery good, nice surroundings, not a bad price for a ticket, and some huge fish to cast to!

Catch and Release Policy: Good Excellent. Catch and Release tickets are available on the fly ponds.

Website: its OK as far as it goes. Runs on the Wix platform, and the owner needs to spend £20 and get his own domain rather than use the generic crap for business Wix one. Better still don’t use Wix!

Kinross Trout Fishery

Overall: Very GoodTaking all things into consideration I would rate Kinross a 5. Good prices, some big fish and facilities on a par with most fisheries in Central Scotland.