Lake of Menteith

Lake of Menteith

This well established and popular lake is one of Scotlands top trout fishery’s and is regularly used for International events.

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Comprising of some 700 acres of shallow water which is stocked with u to  1000 rainbows a week though this has maybe dropped since Catch and Release has been encouraged more, you stand a great chance of some fine sport here. Prices quoted are per boat with up to a 10 fish boat limit and catch and release thereafter.( other take limits are allowed at different tarriffs)

This handy Lake of Menteith map shows the layout of the place and the names of the bays.

There is no bank fishing.

You need to turn up at your designated time to get your boat. There is a single angler rate also available which is roughly in line with charges at other local fisheries so its pretty good value.

To watch a video of angling on Lake of Menteith see the Hooked on Fishing episode with Paul Young:

Or recently Hooked UK released this video of opening day 2013


The fishery is accessed from the Arnprior to Port of Mentieth road and is just off the road to the car park.  Parking is plentiful though it can get busy when there are competitions on and the day/evening sessions rotate. The car park seems to have been expanded a little for 2013 onwards with the new lodge now being built.

Parking and Access:Excellent

Contact: 01877 385664 Post code for Sat Nav: FK8 3RA

Facilities: Boats and boats for the disabled. Boat fishing only, no shore fishing or wading. Set fishing times though different sessions available depending on the season so perhaps not as restrictive as it first seems. As its purely boat fishing its understandable. Pike angling sessions are available on the fly. Boats are supplied with Drogues and nets ( your own not allowed). Bass bags too are banned- use a clean poly bag ( ask for one in the lodge).

Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Blue Trout, and Pike.

Rules: Fly only and no flies over 1.25 inches.

Catch and Release Policy: ExcellentCatch and Release is allowed and in fact encouraged.

Website:GoodI am giving the website 4 stars but thats because it seems reasonably frequently updated and explains well the set up for getting a boat and the current booking availability. The site itself is a bit 20th century and amateur looking and offers no webcams but does have regularly updated reports and they are all nicely archived and there is a discussion forum also. So good effort.


Personal OpinionExcellent

I really like “The Lake” as its known locally. Its big but not too big and it has lots of interesting nooks and crannies. It can be a tricky fishery and the fish are among the strongest I have encountered. I have been broken, had hooks break and bend more often here than at any other location. It can be quite mad sometimes!  Like all big waters it can be daunting to know where to go at times but the fishery supplies maps and there is a brilliant guide to the venue at the gofishing website.

Oh- and there is a well propagated myth that Lake of Menteith is Scotlands only “Lake”, this is not true! I think it Scotland only natural body of water termed “Lake” but there are other man made bodies of water with the title Lake.


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