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Orchil Loch is a scenic little loch of 4 and a half acres up in the hills above Braco, which is just off the A9 along from Greenloaning, between Stirling and Perth.

It apparently was a private estate loch at one time but is now run as a fishery open to the public.

Bottom end of Orchill furthest from Chalet

Bottom end of Orchil furthest from Chalet

It is quite exposed as its on top of a hill, and as such is quite exposed to the winds and also when its very cold at ground level its going to be utterly freezing up there. There are no ice prevention systems so once its iced up its iced up for a while. Check conditions in winter before venturing up there.

If there is much of a breeze at all, as you would expect this will tend to dictate where anglers fish- no one wants to cast into a strong head wind, so it can also be wise to scope the place out on breezy days to decide if you think you are going to be able to cope with the conditions before you pay for your ticket. That said if the wind abates, what was previously difficult can become an altogether more pleasant affair. My own experience suggests take the bull by the horns on occasions and fish intot he wind, you won’t need to cast far to get sport.

The Loch is stocked with Rainbows of up to about 2 and a half pounds so if you catch anything much above this, it’s probably a fish thats been there a while! There are wild Brown trout in the loch also, being fed by a burn which presumably holds a few fish too.

Towards the Chalet end of Orchill

Towards the Chalet end of Orchil

Wading is not allowed.

You will be provided with a net to aid disease prevention when landing fish. Anglers I spoke to up there all commented on the hard fight they got from the stockies in Orchill and I would back this up with my own experience, it can be hard to bully the fish in especially when on a C&R ticket even on high breaking strain tippet.

Catch and Release is now permitted (2012), either after catching a bag limit or as a stand alone ticket. C&R anglers are to try not handle the fish nor use a net, and must use Barbless or debarbed hooks.

No Boobies are allowed and only flies of size 10 or smaller can be used.

Facilities: There is a chalet style cabin that sells drinks and snacks, as well as being where you buy your ticket. The place is run by a lady called Elizabeth Jackson and generally it is she who will provide your permit, and provide any information on how the loch is fishing. There are a couple of boats avaialable for hire which can be a gret help if drifting with any wind especially if you are not much of a caster into the wind. The fishery opens at 09:00 every day until around dusk.

There are lavatories to the rear of the chalet.  There is a weighing station behind the car parking area- easy to miss if your not paying attention.

Website: http://www.orchillloch.com : Pretty rubbish (but at least they have one thats updated) and a non Web Accessibility Green colour! If your unlucky enough to be colour blind you are probably going to struggle! They do however provide weekly fishing reports which are kept up to date- no archive of past reports , though it scrolls back about 6 months maximum, which is always useful to have. Directions to the loch are pretty poor and you could find yourself lost if you follow Google Maps. For this reason I provide a suitable map to show the route here.

Catch and Release Policy:PoorCatch and Release has been offered since the start of 2012 (roughly) and anglers can now fish to a take limit then carry on catch and release or have a C&R only ticket. Rules for C&R are, barbless or debarbed hooks, avoid handling, netting or removing fish from the water. One comment I would add is that som eof the casting platforms especially onthe north side are quite high and make C&R difficult without netting or handling the fish. For me I have to physically lie down and lean over the end of the platform to use a release tool, however I suspect this would be impossible for elderly or infirm anglers.

Contact details:

Telephone: 01764 682287

Email: orchillfishery@hotmail.co.uk

Post code for Sat Nav: FK15 9LF ( Recommend you DO NOT rely on Sat Nav as it could take you onto private land)

View Orchill Loch Fishery in a larger map


I have fished Orchil a number of times now and am in a better position to judge the fishery. Since my first visit a number of improvements have been made and the fishery is now arguably one of my favourite small Commercial Stillwater operations. The loch was excavated round the verges and deepened at the top end in 2011 and pretty well the whole loch is now fishable. New casting platforms have been installed round the loch though there are still one or two spots where you can fish from the natural bank. Catch and Release has been introduced which is welcome though this also means they have taken the opportunity to reduce bag sizes, so a two hour ticket gets you a one fish take limit then one further fish for each 2 hour incremental ticket taken, With C&R now allowed though this is no hardship and only increases the attractiveness of the loch. There are almost no areas of the water that you won’t catch fish as the depth is good all the way round. Some areas are especially popular namely the South bank and the top end near the Coarse fishing loch. However in my experience, fishing where no one else is going or has been, pays off in spades, explore to enjoy the best the fishery has to offer. A very highly recommended   going on a 5 star operation – improve the website, perhaps lower some of the platforms or make them easier for C&R, and this place is easily 5 stars.



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