A wee bit of a different post for me here but one that I have been inclined to write after a slightly “near thing” happened to me while fishing the other week.

The days up at these latitudes are quite long and to be out fishing well after 10 pm isn’t considered especially unusual this time of year. However we also seem to get unseasonably grey weather around this time of year now, and while the sun may be technically above the horizon, it can get quite dark even around 9 pm. I always wear sunglasses ( Polaroids) when fishing partly to help with visibility in the brighter weather and reduce glare, but also for eye protection.

While sharing a boat one late evening a few weeks ago, it got so dim, around 9 pm that trying to see your flies in the ripple was proving to be a real challenge for both myself and boat partner and we both had to remove our glasses. I was at the front of the boat casting over the open water, while my partner was casting over the boat and by definition over me. He was a good caster and there wasn’t a lot of wind to play with the line while aerialised so I felt fairly safe. I was in the midst of changing lines, so not entirely focused on what was going on around me, when I felt a sharp smack on the left side of my face and a tug on my collar.

Protective sports glasses

Protective eyewear needn’t be unsightly

My boat partners CDC dry fly was stuck in the left collar of my jacket and I think the damp puff of CDC had caught me on the face as he had back cast creating the smack to the face. It wasn’t sore it just gave me a bit of a start. However, it struck me how lucky I was that the fly hadn’t hit me 2 inches to the right, in one of my unprotected eyes. But what were you to do when conditions were so gloomy? Obvious really, I should have been wearing clear safety glasses.

The days of industrial safety goggles are well past us for those of us in fishing, you can get cheap and protective glasses for a couple of quid on eBay. I got a couple of pairs, one for my boat box and one for my tackle bag, less than a fiver and in a wrap around “sports” style. I think they are designed primarily for cyclists to protect them against flying stones and road debris.

Get some, always wear protection, you know it makes sense.

These are the ones I got Bolle-Bandido-Sports-CLEAR-Lens-GLASSES-Cycling-Safety-Spectacles-Free-Neck-Cord