Radek on the bank

Radek joined us for much of the day.

It was back up the Tummel again today for the third time in around a month. The last two trips have been hard going for me with two blanks, one without a touch, and last week with one decent Grayling lost on the way to the net. For this trip we were joined by Polish angler, Radek with an exceptionally tidy and nice box of nymphs, bugs and shrimps. Were we going to get these in play today?

Anglers on the Tummel

John and Radek upstream

Once again this week we visited some new sections ( to me) and once again the weather was unseasonably good. Each time we go the weather seems hotter and hotter, despite us being on the downward slope into Autumn. Pretty much from the off it was shirt sleeve order and it remained like that the whole day. The first section just outside Pitlochry was pretty slow water, and I opted to start on a dry. I have learned that on the Tummel fish will rise to a dry even when not showing. I tied on a size 12 Stimulator, not the biggest of this pattern you will have seen but not a small fly by any standards.

Within about 3 casts there was a small sip at the fly and I was into a nice wee wild Brown Trout. Nothing sizeable, only about 9″ or so but very, very welcome. Some continued fishing with this fly never got any interest though there were a few splashes from a fish slightly downstream of me and I tried a wee bit downstream dry-fly fishing over the spot but never got a look. In fairness it might have been a salmon but I didn’t really catch site of anything but the receding rings of its splashing.