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Learning new lines

Ordinarily, I would have just gone out and bought another identical line….but no! They have “updated the range”. Now there is no longer a simple choice of a Greys Platinum line in a 7# oh no, that would be too simple, now you have a Stealth, a Shoot and an Extreme.

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Hardy Premium DT Fly Line

I originally got hold of one of these lines to go with my Hardy Marksman Reel in a 3 weight and have to say have been massively impressed with it. It has low memory, and casts beautifully. In fact it shoots so well that you might be forgiven for thinking it’s a WF line. It comes in a dull olive green colour which is perfect for tactical river fly fishing, and though the tippet loop supplied is actually very small and neat I still fitted mine with a Roman Moser micro loop just to finish it off nicely.

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Stroft Monofiliament

The choice of champions! Stroft is very popular with River Guides and competition Anglers. I know some who use it for both top of the water and subsurface work ( nymphing), on the whole I like it for dry fly fishing on rivers...

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Airflo G3 Sightfree Fluorocarbon

I went over to using Airflo G3 as it is a finer diameter than the equivalent breaking strains of Fulling Mill line. I feel this is important when fishing in clear water or for dry fly fishing on Commercial fisheries. In terms of...

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Fulling Mill Fluorocarbon

Fulling Mill Fluorocarbon is in my opinion a fairly reliable line which I have to say I have had no major problems with. It is cheap and pretty good value compared to most fluorocarbons. The only issues I have with it are that...

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