Here is a wee step by step video of a wee buzzer, midge pattern I devised at the back end of the winter. When its wet it looks incredibly buzzer like, and it was definitely a good pattern to be on at Loch Coulter the other day there, as it took its first fish there I have christened it the “Coulter Midge“, apologies to any other fly with the same name! Also if it looks like some other fly, thats fine, but I haven’t seen it so can only claim ignorance. Here is a material list for the one I tie here but you can adapt to your available materials I am sure.

I chose a fairly light curved hook for this example of the Coulter Midge, partly because a lot of the time the fish I am targetting aren’t going to be massive and also because I like the idea that the fly will sit below the surface under its own weight but if necessary a beaded or weighted point fly could be used to help it fish deeper. So a bit flexibility there. But it can just as easily be tied on a heavier full on buzzer hook.

I hope you enjoy the wee video and have success with the fly.