Thursday was a reasonably nice day but there was always “that” wind. This summer, “that” wind has really affected fishing and the opportunities to get out. When it tips down there is not a breeze. Then it stops and “that” wind reappears by some mysterious route.

I know it’s not just me, I see everyone whinging about it on the various fishing boards I look in to now and again. It has been a right pain.

Around five though last evening I noticed the wind had gone AND it was dry. My one chance to get a few hour in at Pendreich. I was out taking photo’s on Tuesday night and ended up at a wee lochan that I was previously totally unaware of… one phrase summed it up. Fish soup. The place was heaving, I just wished I had a rod with me… and permission to fish! I was keen to get me some of that and hoped Pendreich would oblige. It hasn’t fished so well this year by all accounts though I think I have only blanked a couple of times myself.

I looked at my weather app as I set up to leave and it said showers. I went out and got my gear together and seen the sky was looking overwhelmingly dark to the west. Was this worth it. My son’s weather app ( BBC) said it was to be dry for the evening. What to believe. I decided to go. As I reached the outer gate the rain started. By the time I reached the inner gate it was teeming. There was one car there and an angler out fishing in the boat.

Angler and dog under rainbow

Big sky, and the fisherman and his dog were right by the end of the rainbow. Wonder if he got some brown trout gold?

I set my rod up under the shelter of my tailgate then decided to sit it out in the boot waiting for the rain to stop. 50 minutes later it relented. By now it was 8 pm. At most an hour to fish. Having watched the Osprey clear off with its dinner, I took myself along the dam to the south bank. It had been reasonably good looking for a spot of wet fly fishing earlier so I was set up that way but with the passing rain, it had calmed right down. The sky though was amazing, with orange hues from the unsettled clouds being struck by the beams of sunlight reaching out from between the higher clouds and the horizon over the Trossachs. The angler was still out in the boat- he must have been drenched…. and his dog! I hadn’t spotted it earlier. They stuck it out and were still there after I left in the near dark an hour later. I suspect the thought was, the longer he held off leaving the more time for the smell of wet dog to dissipate before putting it in the car!

I cast out maybe twice and a fish swirled over to my left so I covered it. Almost as soon as my flies landed the trout, it looked a good size came right up and over my top dropper but it didn’t take. I tried a few more casts but it was away it seemed. The odd fish was moving out in the middle but there was little to see near in.

I stopped a few times to take a few photos, especially when the rain started again causing a huge bright rainbow. After maybe quarter of an hour’s more fishing, I decided a fly change was in order. I hadn’t had a touch and there were signs of the odd fish on top, maybe a dry would be better. My leader had twisted with the bushy wets I had on so it needed to come off anyway. I really need to get myself some stiffer tippet material.

I couldn’t be bothered tying up another leader as the light was fading fast so opted to stick on a tapered leader with a single Sedgehog on the point. I hadn’t seen any sedges, to be honest, and suspected the fish that did show were on midges. Though I had seen a fish in the corner near the dam take something that was quite visible though not recognisable, a few times, so it wasn’t so small. The fish in the corner would rise, in truth, I suspect there were two fish, one a little further out than the other. I cast over each but initially had no reaction. The as the light was fading, I realised I could actually see one of the fish right in the shallows facing towards me head up sipping at something. Sight fishing is a rare event here.

Brown trout

One Brown trout of about 1lb was the result of my efforts. Not bad in an hour

I cast right over it and the fish moved but only slightly as if it dropped and rose again, from say 3″ below the surface to 6″ then back up again, but it never touched the fly that was almost directly above it. I retrieved the fly and cast again, this time the fly landed about a foot to the right of the fish. I never saw the fish move just seeing the splash as it took the ‘hog. Well, that was a surprise I have to be honest, I really did not expect a fish.

After a great wee tussle it came to the net, a Brown of about 1lb and the barbless hook fell out in the net. A photo and away just fine.

A great end to a very short evenings fishing.