Not your normal Unfamousfly blog this one is a look back in video format to my recent trip to Islay with Fly Fish Islay and Distilled Events. Thanks once again to David Wood as host, and Dougie Ross the guide on the trip.

It’s taken me hours of pulling together all the snippets of video taken on (mostly) mobile phone, GoPro, Mavic Air Drone, DSLR and a wee ruggedised Panasonic Video camera to get something half watchable from the trip to Islay. Aside from cutting down all the footage to something that tells the story, there was the colour grading which was very difficult across four different cameras, and is something I really need to learn more about but that only really comes through doing it. I hope you find it acceptable if not “broadcast quality”! The zoom function on a smartphone is rubbish too. Ideally I would have used a smartphone Gimbal though god knows how I would have carried ANOTHER gadget on our outings! Unfortunately no one currently makes a Smartphone Gimbal for a Sony XZ2…unless you know different? It’s a real shame as it has a very competent camera on board, ideal for slow motion, 4K and waterproof to boot, so ideal for fishing.

Obviously the trip with Fly Fish Islay was beset by very blustery weather conditions which definitely curtailed the loch outings, but still we managed two Sea Trout outings, One full day Salmon fishing and countless hours on Loch Lossit which we had with Lossit Farm House for the week. The total for the week had to be something like 1 sea Trout, 2 small Salmon/grilse and probably in the region of 200 Brown Trout between us.

The house on Lossit Estate really is something special, and unless you have a big group it’s not going to be something everyone could experience outside of a trip organised like this one was. Modern yet very much the “estate house” it had all the mod cons yet that homely feel you get in rural lodges and homes, plus great views and a roaring wood burning fireplace. Though I admit my clothes even after one trip through the washing machine still smell a bit of being around a fire.

A great way to spend a week, make new friends and reacquaint yourself with some older ones, and catch up with some local friends on the island. I have spent quite a bit time on Islay over the years but each trip opens up new places to me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to return.

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