Hot and Cold

Another wee trip down the Clyde Valley looking for Grayling, another bright sunny and a fair bit colder morning, another slightly dirty and lifted river.

I was supposed to be meeting John and maybe Radek so arriving at the appointed place first and seeing a few anglers out already I headed downstream where I had finished up last time.

Clyde Grayling

First fish of the day on the pink shrimp

I fished about halfway down the run without so much as a touch and was contemplating a change of my three fly team when I hooked my first Grayling of the day.

Wriggly grayling

The Second Grayling of the run down was less happy to be photographed before going back.

I was sure I would lose it as I lost nearly half the fish I had hooked last time out and right away could see I had caught it on the pink shrimp on top dropper. But no a nice fish came to the net and even behaved long enough to get a wee photo, not a giant but not a tiddler either. Probably a two-year-old fish of somewhere between half and three-quarters of a pound.

Another ten minutes and I had a second another of about the same size maybe slightly bigger, this time on the middle dropper and green tag jig bug.

The water was slower lower down the run and by now I had two anglers above me fishing down towards me.

  • After another 10minutes number three was on, a bigger fish of around a pound this time though it was easier to net and this time on the point bug, a red tag jig.

    So no clues there about preferences, one on each fly. So initially a cold morning and a fairly hot start to the day.

    John Watson Grayling fishing

    John persevering upstream

    As John had arrived and was fishing further upstream I came out here and headed up to meet him. By the time I reached him he too had had three fish. He was getting his fish on a squirmy. I entered above him and following down caught nothing but loads of wee cased caddis off the bottom. It was around lunchtime when we exited here and went to get a hot drink and decide what to do next.

    After warming up we headed upstream in the cars but the area we wanted to fish was already occupied so we had to enter the river further up still. I was struggling a bit with the wading here and it was hard going with the higher water. We decided to move again and the section we entered was easier wading and overall easier to fish. However, but for one that came off for John we never had any more fish and by now I was happy to call it a day. So the early promise of the start of the day didn’t deliver for us in the end though I was happy with my three fish and none dropped!