Anglers Book of the Clyde: Published 2010 : James Milne

Published by Sedge Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9569015-0-7

RRP: £25

I was originally put onto this book by a post on Facebook which referred to another blog, Hillend Dabbler’s website, which gave a mention to this book and having picked it up at Clydestyle Fishing. It sounded intriguing enough to part with said cash via Clydestyle’s e-shop and soon I had my own copy. The book is listed incidentally on Amazon but I think it’s a relatively low print run book so you might have a wait on your hands. I recommend buying it via Clydestyle. (please mention the unfamous fly website if you get it there)

What an excellent book, it is a bit pricey in the general cut throat world of book discounting but I would have to say its got so much in it its worth every penny.

If I had a criticism at all its the quality of the physical book itself, it’s a soft cover item and I suspect it will become pretty dog-eared in a fairly short time. Its one book that could have benefitted from some hard covers.

Its 247 pages, the size of a small telephone directory and is packed with useful information predominantly on Mid/Upper Clyde Trout fishing but I would have to say very relevant information to any Scottish River Trout angler.

It’s almost hard to say what it doesn’t cover, in the main it covers lots and lots of fly patterns tied in the Clyde style, famous for their sparseness, its conveniently broken into Chapters on Wets, Dries, and Nymphs. It covers sourcing suitable materials for the flies, dying your own capes and furs, and covers the entomology and to an extent a little local geography on the trout bearing parts of the Clyde. Finally it covers some anglers tales, which are always worth a read. The whole thing is sort of strung together on anecdotes and background events which the author uses to contextualize the reference material.

It is very much a reference book but while it has the usefulness of being something you can thumb through to look up an item on a page, it’s also worthy of a cover to cover read.

Very highly recommended a must for all Scottish anglers. I was especially taken by the photos of the Clyde in the middle of the snow of last winter, which is something I recall precisely as I spent a number of (fruitless) if cold but enjoyable days on the Clyde last winter trying to hunt down Grayling!

I have included the Amazon link here in case its unobtainable elsewhere.

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