With my car off the road. my fishing options are somewhat limited by my inability to get anywhere at any distance. Consequently, much as Grayling fishing would have been my first choice, ( though I suspect the rivers would probably have been up and coloured.) it was back down the road to Swanswater just a few minutes away.

Conditions were different today with the loch high and carrying some colour from the last few days rainfall but no wind at all, flat calm and a wee bit milder than it felt last Sunday.

I started at the road side pegs as the rest of the place was pretty busy and space was limited. The angler directly opposite me landed a 3lb stocked Brownie just as I was getting started but I think he was feeling a bit hard done by that he couldn’t take the now out of season fish! I never seen anyone take a fish the rest of my time there. From what I can gather it fished well in the morning but seems to have gone off a bit in the afternoon. For my own part I started on a  buzzer on point with a bloodworm I tied this week using some Squirmy Wormy material I actually got for the Grayling bugs but decided to make some bloodworm  Apps style bloodworms with and give it a go on the trout.

My first use was unsuccessful but then every other fly ranging from Wets, and small dries ( the fish seemed to start rising just subsurface later as the temperature dropped,) and I tried, both a sink tip and intermediate line with similar results. Only once did I get a slight knock on a yellow snatcher.

As my session wore on and having moved to the main basin for my last hour it was getting a bit cooler as the sun vanished. There weren’t many anglers about, but one passing turned out to be Will from just round the corner from me at home.

A squirmy wormy fly for trout.

My squirmy wormy Apps style bloodworm pattern. Crude but seemingly effective

He was saying he had struggled a bit too and hadn’t had anything on this visit nor one previously, though it was clear the fish were there in front of you. I was by now on a lure but had just changed patterns and decided to give squirmy one more try on the dropper and intermediate line once again.  As we blethered we were interrupted by my phone going, and I looked to see it was a work colleague calling me for some help about a fault that was ongoing at work. I was talking to him on the phone while trying to  keep fishing using one hand to cast and trapping the line under my finger on the rod handle! Not ideal. I managed to get the phone lodged by my ear and made  a lightly better fist of fishing in a sort of more conventional fashion though couldn’t cast far with the restriction of the phone and to be honest concentration was gone. However as I retrieved I became aware of a gentle tug and hey presto I had a nice 2 and a half pound rainbow on the squirmy worm! I had to put the phone down a minute while I landed the fish and got  it unhooked but I think it provided some amusement to the guys on the line as I dealt with the fish in the midst of an incident call!

By the time I dealt with the fish, and the phone call it was getting dark and a mist was coming over the loch. I also realised I was there on my own, everyone had gone! It was a few minutes before five so I decided I better call it a day and was the last to leave the car park, but not a blank for once!