In this section I will post some details on local trout fisheries and rivers (and maybe a few less local)  I have used and general info. Detailed reports of my fishing at the fishery will be published in the diary posts.

I hope this proves to be of worth to other anglers and carries some more useful information than the often fairly poor websites of the reviewed fishery or angling club.

In fact I will give a score and review of the fishery website along with the fishery review itself- hows that!?

Any useful files or resources I find on the fishery will be attached here too.

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Remaining places I hope to fish over the next season 2016 that I have not already are:

  • Tinto
  • Hillend
  • Loch Leven
  • Glengavel

I cannot guarantee I will get to any or all of these (it all costs money, eh?) and to be honest I will be looking to get as much fishing done for as low an on going cost as possible, so if I can join a club that provides reasonable access I will certainly be using it, as well as the fact I want to do a lot more River Fishing.

Rivers wise I will be looking to fish

  • Eden
  • Teith