Sign at Jericho Loch
I liked this sign at Jericho Loch

Jericho Loch is a stocked fishery just on the North Edge of Dumfries, at Locharbriggs. Unlike most “commercial” trout fisheries, this one it appears is a club water belonging to the Jericho Loch Fly Fishers. While it is for the use of it’s members the loch welcomes visitors and has reasonable rates to fish this nicely kept small water.

Finding Jericho

Very easy to find the loch is right beside the main A701 into Dumfries, which is the main road in for anglers coming south from places like Edinburgh and the East side of Glasgow, or further afield. As you enter Locharbriggs the loch is almost immediately on your left.

For those coming from elsewhere, get onto the Dumfries ringroad and take the A701 North and you will pass the entrace to the loch just after the Penman Coachworks and the Locharbriggs Telephone Exchange ( you can’t miss it there is a very visible mobile phone mast behind the building), on your right. 


Access Road : Easy access via a gate with adequate parking on hard standing at the foot of the slope.

Parking at Jericho Loch
Parking and the Anglers howff

Public Transport: I imagine it is good as the access is on the main road into Dumfries and so one must assume buses pass the gate regularly. Should be an easy location to reach by bus.

Contact: 01387 710536

Species: I understand all types of trout are stocked, Rainbow, Brown, Blue, Tiger and Gold’s.

Size:  I believe the loch is about 12 acres, though as its long and relatively narrow it seems bigger than that. It is surrounded by tree’s but there is plenty space at most pegs to allow a good cast without getting snagged in tree’s.


The fishery is actually a club water, run by Jericho Loch Fly Fishers. It seems to be a well kept, tidy water with nice grounds, that appear to be publicly accessible jusdging by the dog walkers I saw on my visit.

While stated as 12 acres it seems much bigger

There are plenty places to fish and I understand there are fish from standard stock sizes around 2 lbs up to huge in the loch. The water has a very friendly club atmosphere and certainly everyone made us feel very welcome during our visit, with plenty chat, advice and tea and coffee if you wanted it.

Facilities: Car Parking, and an anglers “howff” which seemed to be a very cosy Portacabin. There were plenty folk stopping in for a blether from what I could see. Tea and Coffee is available to anglers. Bring your own net and dip it before fishing.

Personal Opinion:

A small not terribly well known fishery outwith the immediate area, certainly I had not heard of it until the day before I visited. I used to work in Dumfries a lot in my days out in the field and no one ever mentioned it then either! I wasn’t aware it was there, and I worked right beside it at one stage, so be aware you could drive right by and be oblivious to whats behind the trees. It appears to be a deep water in places, and on my visit the fish were somewhat elusive. I am not sure if it is stocked as heavily as more commercial concerns but  I am sure it has plenty fish but we just happened on a hard day after some very heavy rainfall. It had maybe sent the fish into hiding.

Peg at Jericho Loch
Most fishing places have a wee seat

I was struck with how friendly everyone was and how welcome we were made to feel.


Value for money: The price for 2 fish to take then catch and release is £15. They were not all that sure what to charge us when we arrived as we only wanted C&R. I would have paid the £15 if required but they chose to take just a £10 each and it was inferred w could fish as long as we wanted.  I think it’s a pretty relaxed place and if you don’t abuse the welcome I think you will be just fine. 


Catch and Release Policy: I think C&R has been relatively recently introduced as they felt the take rule was putting people off who didn’t want fish for the pot, so that should be welcomed.


Website: As far as I can tell there isn’t one. I did find two facebook pages, one seems to be for the loch itself and the other for the club. Neither seem very regularly updated. So maybe the web isn’t the best way to get in touch!