Cloybank SignCloybank fishery is located about 8 miles south of Stirling near Haggs, just off the M80, north of Cumbernauld.

Finding Cloybank:

Simply head either North or South on the M80, depending where you are coming from ( assuming you don’t live locally!) and take the turn off for Banknock, Haggs and Kilsyth and head west.

You will cross a couple of mini roundabouts and then will see a sign for Cloybank estate pointing up  Braeface Road. Follow this narrow road for about half a mile to the estate entrance.

You will turn left into the estate and along the access road will come to a car park. As Clybank appears to be a market garden, garden centre, and multi-leisure estate the car park may be fairly busy. You should be able to get a permit either at the office or in the cafe. It is likely someone will be able to tell you if there is space to park by the lochans, if so you can head along the narrow road at the back of the main carpark and turn downhill where the trout fishery is sign posted. If it’s busy it is about a 200metre walk down.

Access road: 5-starsGood, though take your time on Braeface Road as it is near enough a single track road and has a few blind bends.

Public Transport: 4-starsI imagine local bus services to and from Kilsyth will pass along the foot of Braeface Road, so getting here by public transport should be possible, take care if walking up Braeface Road as I do not think there are any footpaths.

Contact: 01324 841707

Species: Rainbow trout. Fish under 1lb and over 6lb are to be returned.

Other Species: Unknown

Size: All the lochans are small and on a calm day should be able to accommodate 5-6 anglers each ( allowing for there being some fairly shallow areas less easy to fish), I imagine. If its windy or blustery less is probably going to make for a more comfortable experience of keeping with the wind.


Westerly Lochan

The most westerly of the three lochans, was partially drained for maintenance in this photo

The fishery is actually three small ponds (lochans)  which I think are man-made. They are not very big, but if all three are in operation there should be plenty space for a reasonable number of anglers- say 15- or 16.

At the time of my visit the two outer lochans had both been partially drained for maintenance and only the middle one was in use. The most easterly of the three is to be widened I understand by approx two metres overall. I think the lochans are fed from a well and so the water is pretty clear. Depth in the deeper areas looks to be about 6-8 feet but there is a thick bed of weed so it is hard to gauge, floating lines or slow sink intermediates would be all you would really ever need to have.

The water looks to be very clear though I think it looks like it might be treated with the blue colouring that some smaller waters employ to try limit the weed growth. There are a few platforms but most fishing will be straight off the bank. There are a few areas that access is restricted due to a high bank and a fence beyond which you may not encroach.

Facilities: There is a small cafe on site selling the usual tea, coffee, hot rolls and other small items. There is a small cabin/shelter by the lochans to shelter in if the weather gets inclement. I did not notice any small tackle items for sale so probably best to make sure you have not forgotten anything.  There are nets on the banks I notice too.

Personal Opinions:

Middle lochan Cloybank

The Middle of the three lochans. If you look closely the water is very clear and lush weed beds line the bottom.

This is a very small fishery by most standards, but don’t let that put you off unless you really have to have the wide open spaces afforded by places like Carron Valley or Lake of Menteith. However, Cloybank is something of a little known local secret and as such doesn’t get the footfall of some much more publicised local waters, like Swanswater or Wellsfield. The website mentions booking ahead, perhaps at weekends or evenings I would be inclined to call ahead, as I did, though when I was there the first time it was a Saturday and I had it all to myself! I imagine most weekdays you could have it pretty much to yourself a lot of the time.

Value for money:   5-starsFees for catch and take are in line with most local waters, I think it is currently £25 for a 4 fish take limit and then C&R. An ALL DAY catch and release sporting ticket is a mere £10. That has to be the best value all day fishing ticket in the region?

Catch and Release Policy: 5-starsExcellent. You can fish to take fish and then when bagged up move to C& R or have an all day C&R only ticket.

Website: 3-stars Not bad, tells you the basics and prices. The fishery report was blank when I checked.

Overall: 5-starsPretty good if you enjoy fishing very small waters, as I do. At £10 for all day C&R that has to be bargain of the year locally. I know there are some pretty big fish caught in these small ponds so some excitement is not far away, and with the 6lb take limit I imagine the bigger fish must become resident pets. The owner I think he said his name was John, comes round to see how you are doing and seems very friendly.