Snowbee Prestige 9ft #6 travel rod

Snowbee Prestige 6pce 9ft 6#

Snowbee Prestige 6pce 9ft 6#

I travel a lot in my work and this year I want to be able to stuff a rod and reel and a few odds and sods in my bag so I might be able to get an odd nights fishing while I am away. I have been looking for a travel rod for a while and the cheaper ones did not impress me as they were all quite heavy weights and the dearer ones were, well, dear!

I was keeping an eye on ebay as I often spot some nice rods appear either very slightly used or new and I seen a couple of new Snowbee Prestige rods appear in 6 piece formats. I originally bid on a 5# rod but did not get it- I am a cheap skate and won’t chase the bidding. Then a 6# came up and I won this for a fraction of the £230 rrp.

Now I am not sure whether this rrp is strictly accurate as the 2010 model is £230 and I think the rod I won is a 2009 one but to be honest I could not give a stuff. The rod I use most on rivers is over 30 years old (Dicksons of Edinburgh Carbon rod) so age is not an issue. I love that rod but its crap at distance casting as its very soft. A 6 weight is probably a bit of a compromise as a 7# may be better for still water, and a 5# for rivers. But then Its for occasional use and at least I will have something halfway useable.

Snowbee Prestige

Snowbee Prestige

Anyway I got the Snowbee and I have to say I was extremely impressed with the finish, it comes in a solid tube only 21″ long and looks pretty secure for stuffing in a bag.

Now I feel a 6# is a little of a compromise of a rod- on one hand a little light for “proper” still water work where distance might be an issue but then too heavy for river work where a 5# or 4# would be better.

I have only just got a batch of 6# lines and not even loaded one on a spool yet so decided to try it out with a 7# line and also on a 5#. Neither seem to phase it- its a really nice half way house between the stiffness of my HM3 7# rod and my old Carbon rod rated 5#-7# , but I would say more 5# as its so soft.


Having used it now I am in a better postion to comment on this rod. Its no wehere near as fast as the HM3- and my original comment about it being somewhere between the HM3 and the Dicksons rod seems pretty accurate. It casts a 6 weight line nicelyout to a good distance and with nice presentation though I feel its important you don’t “rush” it as its noticeably slower that the HM3. Probably a tough rod to use into a wind- it certainly provides less feedback than the HM3 and its quite hard to feel the tension build up in the rod on the back cast. Its a rod I think I am going to be perfectly happy with and I think it might be an ideal rod to carry for a spot of stillwater dry fly when the occasion presents itself. Thats what I was using it for today and while conditions nor the fish were ideal for this it did a good job and was nicely balanced with the Greys X-Flite reel.[wcs_qr_code]

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