Where would I be without this?

£7 it cost me in Glasgow Angling Centre. This has been a brilliant bit of clothing for winter fishing. Ok so its not fashionable like the “buffs” that are in right now but it does most of the same things (in winter anyway). Its really just a  fleece hood nothing special or “technical”. Pay £24 for a Simms Exstream Balaclava if you want- the Fish Eagle one will do me just fine.


Fisheagle-Balaclava A brilliant bit kit for the winter

I pull it over my head and wear it with the hood down and it becomes a very effective neck “seal” inside my wading jacket. The wind can’t get past it and your snug as a bug……. in a rug.

When the wind or rain gets up and my hat is not keeping me warm enough I just pull the hooded Balaclava over the top.

Brilliant and most of all cheap- I like cheap 🙂

If I see them anywhere else I will add a link to this page. Only stumbled across it in GAC one day in the passing. I think its classed as Sea Fishing gear.