Hanak Czech Nymph Leader & Indicator

This is a new product from Hanak and was apparently used very successfully by the Cz team in recent World Championships. Unlike a Hends French Leader (which I have and use up to now) which has a butt to tip taper this French Leader ( Hanak refer to it as a Cz Leader) has a more level body with a short taper at the point. The result is a leader which you can in effect “shoot” with a suitable rod- like my new Hanak 4 in 1 Czech Nymph Champion #3.

The leader also has an integrated indicator  so no need to tie one on separately and resin  coating has been used to cover the knots in the leader. The line is also vaguely UV purple tint in hue when deployed and as a result its really easy to see both the line and the indicator fromt he anglers position.

As of the time of writing there were only 10 in the country and I got one of the first. I have tried it out though on the Dee on the Grayling fishing weekend. I found it very easy to cast out on the soft rod and really easy to see, important with the French leader as it can be quite a distance from the angler to the indicator.

They are a little pricey it has to be said, at £18.50 or thereabouts- check with Uniqueflies, but you are getting two things in one, a French Leader of 10mtrs and a Indicator so the combined cost of the same separate items would be about the same.

I will report more once I have had time to really use it for a few outings. For more information contact John Emerson at Uniqueflies.co.uk

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